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Gigagolf Golf Clubs

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Bad driver, dont buy. It's cheap and my club head broke 2 times in 2 year. They wont replace it so it's a bad business.
Just buy real club, copy are too cheap.
I'm going for a Callaway instead :)
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Where did it break?  Why did it break?  how did it break?  Was a tree involved?  It's not bad business if they wont replace an item that was abused.  There are several on here that play Giga clubs and love them, my best friend plays them and is very happy.  Good quality for the money.  Please tell us "the rest of the story".

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Go away troll.

Originally Posted by dcouz

Bad driver, dont buy. It's cheap and my club head broke 2 times in 2 year. They wont replace it so it's a bad business.

Just buy real club, copy are too cheap.

I'm going for a Callaway instead :)

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I play giga irons, love them.  Great customer service, they stand behind their products.  This is probably the reason they have a hard time believing that you had two faulty driver heads... and its been two years!

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I play GigaGolf hybrids and irons and really like them.  I have purchased a couple of drivers from them, and they were good products at a very good price.

My experience with their customer service has been absolutely great. I recently ordered a new driver and putter, and because the 9 deg. driver was temporarily out of stock, the order was delayed. Before GigaGolf could complete the order and ship it I won a new Odyssey White Ice DART putter and a Callaway Octane Tour driver, so I sent them an email and asked them to cancel the order. Once I explained my good fortune they cancelled my order and wished me well.

You can bet their 'no hassle, no questions asked' cancellation of that order, as well as my other positive experiences with them and their products, have convinced me to go back to them in future if I need clubs.

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Their customer service is top notch and I have not found any place much better.

Great products, prices and customer service = great company!

Driver: Callaway FT-iZ 10*  I  2 Hybrid: Nike VR  I  3&4 Hybrid: Nike Sumo SQ  I  Irons: Ping G10 5-PW, LW,  I  52* & 62*: GigaGolf SGS  I  Putter: Cleveland BRZ #2  I  White things I chase: Srixon AD333

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I guess I'm with the others.  Although I wasn't too happy with the initial lie angle adjustments, my GigaGolf clubs continue to work great. I love my irons.  I don't carry the 10.5* driver but I keep it for those windy days where I want a lower trajectory that I get from my Callaway.  And lately I've putted so much better with my GigaGolf TP-2 that I've had to (temporarily) shelf the Ping Pal2.

Driver:  Callaway Diablo Octane iMix 11.5*
Fairway: Cobra Baffler Rail F 3W & 7W
Irons:  Wilson Ci
Wedges:  Acer XB (52* & 56*)
Putter:  Cleveland Classic #10 with Winn Jumbo Pistol Grip

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My first set of clubs were gigagolf... when I ordered a full set with the wrong flex they sent me a new set very quick.  Although I now have a new set of clubs now... I still practice with my gigagolf clubs every once in a while.

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Another positive vote for Gigagolf. My brother turned me on to them several years ago when I got back into the game and I've ordered many sets of clubs from them over the years. My son still plays with their clubs. I had a driver break, literally cracked down the face. They didn't offer the driver that broke any longer, so they had me send it back and choose any other head to put on the shaft, no charge. A couple years ago I was going to order some new clubs to try out and the order was delayed. When I called, they informed me that they had rejected the shipment of club heads for quality reasons so they couldn't fill my order for another 3 weeks. Tough to beat such honesty.

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  • 5 months later...

First time, the club broke on the bottom of it.

They replace it...

Second time, it broke on the top of the head.

They didin't replace it...

I think it's because i'm a 6'2 and I hit hard on the head and it just cannot take it.

So if you are a big hitter, DONT BUY and if you swing around 200, well it's your choice! You can have a use real club for the same price!

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I'm having my 1st experience with GIGA GOLF equipment as you can see in my signature and as of now I couldn't be happier. It's not because I can't afford anything else as I own 8 sets of irons now, including Adams a4r, Taylormade R7, OS2 and 200 Steel and have played literally hundreds over the years. I've got a feeling this guy is a spammer. "200"....PALEEZE and another thing there, Kim, you're supposed to hit it on THE FACE not the "bottom of it" or "the top of the head", DUH! It's no wonder in broke and they won't replace it twice. You should take up choppin' wood or poundin' tent stakes for the circus.....but then you'd probably miss those too! :-X

:tmade: R15 14* Matrix Black Tie 7m3

:adams: Speedline Super S 3w & 5w Matrix Radix HD S VI

:callaway: X-12 4-PW Memphis 10

IONNOVEX  Type S GDT 50*, 54* & 62* Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 80ir

:odyssey: Tri-Ball SRT


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I'm sory that you miss interpreat what i say but my story is true. I really broke 2 times the club head in two year and ship it back to the compagny to be replace and the second year the did not replace it.

If you feel attacked by my remark, i'm sorry but your answer is useless.

I hit around 260-280 and the club head just did not took it 2 years in a row and i live in a Northern country so i only play like 6 month per year.

I hope it clear some of your thoughts.

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I have an entire set, 4-GW, SW, 62*LW, 3H, 3W, 1W, putter, and I'm adding either a 5W or a 2H. The shafts they use are good quality and cheap to upgrade, making them better than other clones. I also love their sensatec cord grips, they are essentially golf pride new decade. I love every club in the bag and am unlikely to switch brands any time soon. Pinemeadow are crap by the way.

I only wish they made 46, 48, and 50 degree scoring wedges, especially the 50, and 3+ and 4 woods, and maybe a lower lofted driver than 9*. They not only make nice clubs, they sell individually and use proper lofts.

In My Bag:

Adams Super LS 9.5˚ driver, Aldila Phenom NL 65TX
Adams Super LS 15˚ fairway, Kusala black 72x
Adams Super LS 18˚ fairway, Aldila Rip'd NV 75TX
Adams Idea pro VST hybrid, 21˚, RIP Alpha 105x
Adams DHY 24˚, RIP Alpha 89x
5-PW Maltby TE irons, KBS C taper X, soft stepped once 130g
Mizuno T4, 54.9 KBS Wedge X
Mizuno R12 60.5, black nickel, KBS Wedge X
Odyssey Metal X #1 putter 
Bridgestone E5, Adidas samba bag, True Linkswear Stealth
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I got a 3 and 4 hybrid in their Reva series.  Only one range session thus far but they felt very good.  Also got their TRX SW.  For $20 it honestly looks much better than my Burner + irons that I game.  Can't wait to try it out.

Main reason I wanted to try their clubs are many of them are shorter than today's standards.  Which helps me being I am 5' 4".

For instance their drivers are 45" and not 46+ which most can't control anyway.

I did return the 4h since the yardage wasn't must different than my current 4i.  All he asked was why I am returning it.  Told him and he said "ok, here is the return number, just put it on the box.

very easy and nice to deal with !!

A++ so far.

Driver: Ping G25

3w - Ping K15

3h - TEE Trilogy

4h - TEE Trilogy

5h - TEE Trilogy

Irons: Ping G25 6-LW

Putter: Odyssey White Ice D.A.R.T
Bag: Nike SQ Tour

Optics: Bushnell Tour V2 Slope

Shoes: True Linkswear

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