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New Grips Caused Tennis Elbow

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I have to get this story out to any golfers that suffer for tennis elbow.  I'll try to keep this short.  I bought my slightly used Titleist 735CM off ebay and the clubs were listed as standard everything.  When I got them I found the grips to be midsized.  I have average size hands so I've always played standard grips.  I was too cheap to change the grips so I played 1 year with the grips.  I'm a basically a driving range rat.  When it was time to re-grip I did it myself and went back to standard with 1 wrap of tape.  After about 2 months I started getting some mild tennis elbow.  By the end of the year I had it so bad I couldn't get thru a round.  I had a cortisone shot and gave it 3 months off.  After 1 month it was back really bad.  It finally dawned on my that it might be the grips.  I had a local pro change the grips back to std with 3 wraps of tape to get closer to midsize.  With in 2 months the elbow was nothing more than a dull ache.  I had one more shot and 2 months later its gone.  Moral of the story is be careful if when changing the grip size or doing it yourself.  I'm sure I stretched the grips and made them really thin.  I'm about 99% that the grips did it because nothing else changed.


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