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Which ball do you use? or prefer?

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  1. 1. Which ball do you play or prefer?

    • Titleist Pro-V1
    • Titleist Pro-V1x
    • Taylormade TP/Red
    • Taylormade TP/Black
    • Srixon Z-URC
    • Srixon Z-URS
    • Callaway HX TOUR
    • Callaway HX TOUR 56
    • Bridgestone B330
    • Bridgestone B330-S
    • Nike One Black
    • Nike One Platinum
    • Callaway HX HOT
    • Titleist NXT
    • Titleist NXT Tour
    • Top-Flite D2
    • Titleist DT-Solo
    • Nike Juice 312

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no way no how... those of you who dont swear by the new nxt extremes, or for lower handicappers the nxt tours... you dont know what your missing. The solidness and yardage of a rock, with an extremely soft shell and spin comparable to the pro V... for half the cost?

you guys are out of your minds if you dont play these.
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Have been playing the TP red's for most of last year but picked up a couple of packs of the TP Blacks, feel with the putter is the same but haven't yet played them on the course yet but from most reviews (including this site) they seem to launch higher and carry longer which should help my lower trajectory.
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Lost Ball hits whatever is given to him. What Lost Ball means is he will buy the cheapest at the golf course I am playing or whatever balls Lost Ball Sr. gives me on that day. Balls change from Titleist, Nike, to some others Lost Ball forgets
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Bridgestone 330 for more than 2 years. It's one of the best balls out there. I used to play ProVs (like most) but switched and am glad I did.

Also, for those that play a Titleist, here's an interesting article that details how Titleist lost an IP/patent lawsuit to Bridgestone for ball design earlier this year. Each time one of the Titleist balls is sold, Bridgestone receives royalties. And incidentally, I think we'll continue to see the Bridgestone and Srixon brands make deeper strides in the golf equipment market in the years to come.

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I've used Nike Power Distance and the NXT's before and I like those. I've got 2 dozen Slazenger RAW's in my bag now.

How do you like the Slazenger's? I bought some around Christmas. Actually I bought some as a gift for someone and got another dozen free so I kept them for myself to use. I usually play what ever was on sale the last time I went to the Big Box stores. It's usually top flite. Last year (July 07) I won a dozen Pro V1's at a golf tournament at work. So I'm going to play them some this year and I'll work the Slazy's in also. I'm not sure that either will help my game any but you never know. Maybe they will give me a little more confidence and I'll play better because of it. I voted Pro V1 since the ball I usually play isn't up there.
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I like the Titleist DT SoLo very much. I'm a beginner and my pro recommended them. I haven't tried many other balls (except for the Callaway Warbirds) so I can't really compare them to other balls.
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Currently I am playing the D2 Feel from Topflite!

When I play with a nice and expansive ProV1 for example then I don't wan't to loose the ball and therefore I don't have a free mind to play my best golf!
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I didn't vote because the ball I play is not listed.
A few unlisted brands come to mind:
Precept, Wilson, Dunlop/Maxfli, Hogan, Pinnacle
Judging from the number of Pinnacles I find, somebody is playing them.
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I'm sort of odd. I treat new balls like they are gold. I only bust them out on certain occasions. I'm not partial to any one brand and treat all the high end balls the same. I like to try anything I find on the course. My favorite is the Callaway HX Tour 56. Feels great around the greens, which is where I need it the most.
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I'm still trying to find my favorite ball, but the ball that gives me the most consistency so far is the Maxfli Noodle Long and Soft. It isn't great at anything, but it's a good all-around ball and easy on the pocketbook.
I've been experimenting with some new balls including: Hx Hot, E6+, and Wilson Fifty Fifty.
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I use the Callaway HX Tour, I love the feel of them, the flight and the sound that produces when I hit the ball. I tried ProV1, ProV1x and HX Tour 56, and no one satisfy me like the HX Tour.

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Note: This thread is 4600 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • It does bother me a little but the advent of adjustable hosels has got me used to it.  I use Tour Velvet grips to minimize it. Tour velvet is not a “busy” looking grip like a GP  MCC either. I was giving a lesson last night and the student just got a set of irons and had Golf Galaxy put midsize MCC grips on them.  They are all over the place.  It’s like Helen Keller did them.  I noticed it right away, I didn’t say anything to the student about it because it didn’t affect anything and he was happy with the clubs.  
    • You’re right, they aren’t. But they have a lot more insight to the consensus of other Native Americans than the vast majority of us do… Barely tangential here, but for anyone interested, if you Google the AZ Diamondback game from last Sunday, there was a spectacular Native American recognition ceremony.  My buddy’s daughter, brother, and nephew were among the dancers featured.  Very cool.    
    • My wife and I got a little into photography for a bit several years ago and I could've sworn we learned at the time that 50mm was the best length for portraits because it was the closest match to our eyes.  I must be remembering wrong - since we kinda also got out of photography a while back too haha. 🙂
    • Yeah, when they first announced the name I was like "eh, I was kinda hoping for Spiders" but it's only been a couple of days and it's already grown on me.  This logo is cool.  And it makes me think of the movie Major League as well for some reason. (I'm guessing the reason is because it brings a baseball "to life" and it's also pointing the same way)
    • A nice one on our tough 18th today.  A nice 4 hybrid in to a soft green from 185 to about 10 feet.  The putt would’ve gone into a shot glass.  🙂 Just 4 to go, only one of which is particularly difficult. Those last few are always tough to close out though…
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