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Hi everyone.

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I've seen this site when doing a search for information on equipment several times. I have been on golf forums for about 12 years and thought I might like to try this one. I am retired and live in Oregon. Play golf at least three times a week and try to get to the range at least a couple of times a week also. Shoot in the high seventies to mid eighties usually with a few rounds in the low 70's occasionally.  Looking forward to being here and hoping to get a chance to learn from all of you and perhaps give a little bit back. I won't bore you with my life story here but probably do that to some extent in some of the threads I post in.


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    • Yikes!  The way things are starting for the DNC, it doesn't appear they'll get a bump from it.  I guess Nate Silver has factored that into his analysis.  
    • I am specifically speaking to the direct answers he was shown given in that interview at the RNC. I have no comments on any other comments he made.  Just to show you the misconception on crime rates versus perception over the past 13 years. It's kinda odd that the perceived level of crime was pretty much on par with how much crime there was. Then in 2001 it spiked up and has grown and leveled off at 65% What changed in 2001? In 2000, the 24 hour new cycle really hit it's full speed with the 2000 election. Then you add in social media in the coming years. People assume there are more violent crimes than before because they are getting more news time. Then they are repeated over and over again.  Is this the article you are talking about? The one Trump quoted the 17% influx in the 50 biggest cities? Did you read the articles conclusion at all?  1. Your idea that cops have become passive is incorrect
      2. You fail to consider the Heroin epidemic that is hitting this country. A large issue that has not been covered by the media. Hey, guns are sexy, drugs are not. 
      3. There hasn't been a way to quantify how impact Ferguson was on the increase in homicides.
      4. Even experts do not realize what caused the massive downturn from the 1991 peak and It's been 25 years. 

      Heck the Director of the FBI claims they need to find out what is going on. You are going to believe Trump and Newt are correct in blaming this president on it? Come on man. The complexity of this issue is stumping even those who spend their careers studying it. People who spend years looking at the data, trying to find a causation, have still yet to find one.  Here is Trumps rating on that statement of the 17% increase,  Yea, Trump and the GOP are taking one data point and assuming it's Armageddon. Of course Newt doesn't care about causation, he cares about what people feel. 
    • I'd have to see the the actual 20 yard approach, but a putter is a likely option.   Failing that, it's a bunker type explosion...
    • My first game golf round that worked.  Sort of.  I tagged about 80% of my shots and did some editing.  It was difficult to remember if I ever found myself in trouble and trying to figure out how to play it.  I was amazed that it accurately captured the direction and yardage on some of the shots I forgot to tag.  It actually got some of the clubs wrong when it did that, so I wonder what kind method it uses.  It was a very slow day and we chipped around the tee boxes while we were waiting and it didn't count any of those shots.  Very interesting. Just a small muni near where I stay in L.A.  Not a bad round.  Several thin and toey shots that didn't hurt me much.  It was just a fun round with my girlfriend but I have to remember how bad it is to flare a left driver on 18.  You need a super high shot over the bunker to hold the green and it will bounce OB if you go just a bit to far.  I screwed that shot up twice then took two to get out of the footprint filled bunker.  Surrender, I'm finally convinced to play an iron way right.  
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