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      Introducing TST "Clubs!"   08/28/2017

      No, we're not getting into the equipment business, but we do have "clubs" here on TST now. Groups. Check them out here:
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Stop Lurking! Here are some Great Reasons to join The Sand Trap!

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Welcome to The Sand Trap!

However you found us, we hope you've enjoyed our reviews, blogs, forum, wikis, product and course listings.  In case you haven't noticed, The Sand Trap has some of the most knowledgeable and passionate golf fans on the Internet.
We hope you decide to join and spend some more time on the site. Joining is free! And yet every membership comes with some awesome features :

1. Member Swing Threads

Member Swing threads . Looking for some swing advice? Post up a swing in your own "My Swing" thread.  Be sure to participate elsewhere on the site. Other members, as well as instructors Erik J. Barzeski (iacas) and myself (Mike McLoughlin, mvmac), will be more encouraged to take a look and help you out.

2. Member Reviews of Golf Equipment and Accessories

Like getting free golf stuff?  Always wanted to write reviews? The Sand Trap has a program called Member Reviews where members get free stuff (equipment, training aids, rounds of golf, services, etc.) in exchange for reviews published on the product page . Supporters and Forum Leaders are given priority when products become available. So be sure to "click" and find out more about those types of memberships. Go HERE to see to complete list of Member Reviews so far.

3. Swing Thoughts Forum

Swing Thoughts Forum - The Sand Trap is #1 place to go for thoughts about the golf swing, instruction, technology, professional tours (related to swing technique and theory).

4. Contests and Prizes!

Contests! Opportunity to get more free stuff and in order to enter you have to be a member. We have prediction contests for all the Majors and team competitions like the Ryder Cup/Presidents Cup. We also have contests that are more Twitter/Facebook oriented.

5. Fun Threads and Conversations

6. Staff Equipment Reviews

Staff Equipment Reviews - while you don't need to become a member to read these reviews, it's easier to stay updated on the latest ones if you do become a member.

7. Equipment and Course Databases (** You can add your own reviews! **)

The Sand Trap has an awesome user review section for both Equipment and Courses , so swing by there and add reviews for the stuff you use and the places you play.

8. Free Marketplace

Looking to buy something? The Marketplace has lots of member gear for sale or trade. Posting is free to Established Members!

9. Great Members

Want to follow some bright people and some awesome members? Check out this article . Want to talk about more than golf or quickly find like-minded folks? Check out our Groups .
So what are you waiting for?  Click "Join Now" in the upper right hand corner!

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