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Best Shot of the Week

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Here's a new thread I hope to keep going (I've made it sticky so, like "What'd you shoot today?" it shows up at the top all the time). What was your best shot of the week? Drop by here once a week, think back, and tell us about your particular mastery of one shot or another.

Mine came yesterday. I was playing with my cousins and uncle (we only got six holes in before it rained), and we came to the second hole. I put one just off the fairway but a tree knocked it down. I was behind another tree.

I had a partial backswing and a fairly full follow-through. 180 yards to the pin, gently downhill, ball about four inches above my feet. Pulled a 5I, put it back, hooded it a bit, and flew it about 120 in the air and rolled it the last sixty yards.

Left the 20-foot birdie putt a foot short.

I love shots where I have to get creative. Sometimes I even manage to pull them off!


As with one or two other threads here, this one is a "post-only" thread with no responses. Feel free to quote a post and respond to it in a new thread if it warrants it.

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Played nine yesterday and a 20' par putt with some nasty break would be my highlight. Stroked it right and it dropped in the center of the cup.
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Yesterday afternoon.......short but tough dogleg right par 4. Great tee shot to about 70 yards. Shallow green with wide creek in front, steep bank with deep pot bunker in back. Chunk my lob into the creek, drop with penalty, chip in from 100 feet for par. *****Its better to be lucky than good********
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16th hole. 153 yard par 3 that plays 1 club longer than the card tells you. Hit 6 iron 10ft past the hole that sucked back to 4 ft. Made the birdie putt.

One of those holes that makes you feel like you are playing golf as opposed to playing at golf.
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Playing in the 1st round of my club championship, A/S after dropping 3 straight holes with a 3-putt! (see "what did you shoot today" post). Opponent rolls in
20' for a birdie (I'm about 15 away with side/downhill putt), seems to take the lead in the match for the first time... I rolled it center cut! I think I heard his heart drop and hit his stomach. It was all over then, won 2 quick holes after that and closed him up on 16th for a 3&2 win.
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actually it was the best shot..from a few weeks ago:

at my local course, it was a par 3, about 168 yrds, elevated tee box..full carry with water all around. Pin tucked in to the left. Pulled out my 8 iron (usually my 150 yd club.) and just hit it. Came out wonderful with the perfect draw..accident..and it just landed and spun a little to the left..3 footer for birdie..missed it..tap in par. I was playing with 3 other folks I never played with before and they were shocked..me too..LOL
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Yesterday I played 18 holes. On a 170 yd. Par 3 with an elevated green (flag tucked behind a pot bunker) I hit a horrible 5I straight into the bunker. I couldn't see the green from the bunker but used my 56 (didn't get enough loft) which got out of the bunker but eventually rolled back in. Next shot was with my 60 (face opened) which got out and trickled downhill and into the cup. Best sand save and par of my life.
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247-yard three wood to within 10-feet of the cup on a 504-yard par five.

But I chunked two shots before that, so I ended up missing a birdie putt from 10 feet.

Par in the end.
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For this week, mine came today. Playing in this month's Member/Guest tournament, I practically duffed one off the tee on a par three. My partner was in three-putt-land (and he did), but I hit a low, bounce, bounce, check and roll 9-iron chip shot that finished a foot from the hole to assure our three.

I nearly holed a pitch shot later on the eighth hole (our 17th for the day) that ended up 5 feet from the hole. It was a close runner up. How it got five feet away is beyond me.

The feel on both was incredible. I thought they were both in.
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Arrowhead C.C. #9 on the Lakes 9 - Par 5, 521 yards 90º dogleg left over water. The hole goes out about 260 and dog legs dead left. Iususally hit 3 iron to the corner amd 3 wood in. But Saturday I was having one of those days (shot 44 on the front) where I figured why not, (usually I would put a little saying in here but i'm new to the forum. I'll wait until I get the true atmosphere of this forum) So I blast a huge high draw over the water thinking I didn't draw it enough and was in the tree's that seperate the hole from the driving range. My playing partner says "Look some hacker shanked one from the range." He drives over to pick it up and I hear a loud "You gotta be kidding me!!". It was one step inside the 100 yard marker dead in the center of the fairway. Now I hit it long but man I must have gotten a very very good bounce and roll out which I never get. One of those 1 in a million shots and yes, I did make an eagle ... barely fell in the side door.

New to the forum ... how do I list my "Whats in the Bag" and a pic by my screen name? Thanks for the advance assistance.
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I hit a really good shot in a green from about 115 out. Saved par!
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After pull hooking my first tee shot of the round out of bounds, I hit an almost identical, but slightly more right 5 wood to about 4 feet from a fence. I took an 8 iron (1 extra club) because I couldn't use a full swing. I hit it really well, very straight, hit on the middle of the green, and stopped pin high about 5 feet away from the flag. So, I could still get a bogey...missed the putt for a double hehe.

I almost holed out a PW on the next hole, but I still think the 8 iron was a better shot.

That was my worst hole...I shot 74, 3 over. I had 4 6's and still shot 3 over. Here is the round (from yesterday).

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4th hole, par 4

totally screwed up my tee-shot, eventually made it to a green-side bunker in 3

then, as I was staring a double straight in the face, my bunker shot sank right into the cup

what could be better?
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Played a nine hole course on Sunday. The 7th hole was a 118 yard par 3. I seemed to be making good contact all day and was still playing the same ball I started with when I walked up the to the tee on #7. That is a rarity as I normally lose one the first couple of holes. I grabbed my nine iron, teed up, made a smooth practise swing and then let'er rip. I knew I hit it perfect as I barely felt the ball on the club face. The ball was like a rocket going higher and higher and at first I thought it was going to come up short. The ball stuck the green, bounced about a foot forward then spun back about a foot. There was almost a crater formed on the green where the ball landed. This was the first time I had ever spun a ball back and also the first time I had to use my divot fixer. I had a downhill put which I hit about 8 feet passed the hole. I drained the par put though coming back. My only par for the day. I shot 14 over on the front nine which is about average for me. My putting is killing me.
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I hit a half swing sand wedge from about 35 yards away and hit the flagstick about halfways up. It dropped about 6 feet from the hole. Made the putt for birdie.
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I had 80 yards to a front pin on the 17th at my course from a side sloping lie (Dave will know the hole). It's a small green, but because I've been reading the Rotella stuff, my target was the bottom of the hole - not "within 3 feet" or anything like that. The ground was kinda damp, so I had to watch hitting the shot fat.

I have a 100-yard shot, and I figured it'd play 90 with the wind coming back at me, so I just opened up my PW a tiny bit more than I would normally and made my 100-yard swing.

I was really concentrating on holing the shot. I even told the guy I was playing with "I haven't holed one of these in awhile, it's about time I do it." I swung. The shot came off perfectly - perfectly. I can't imagine the ball leaving the club feeling more like I had envisioned. It soared high in the sky, dead at the flag. I said "get in!" My partner said "it's gonna go in." It stayed online, dead at the flag.

Then the wind killed it and I came up a foot short of the green. I lipped out the 10-footer for birdie.

But hey, the best shot of the week need not be the one that results in the best score... I hit the shot as perfectly as I can hit a golf shot and as close to what I had envisioned doing as possible.

Just misjudged the wind a little.
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I hit my usual shot on a long par 3 in the trap left of the green (so predictable this season). This is a fairly long bunker shot. I hit it three feet from the flag last time and nearly made it. Today, I had the same shot and played an almost identical bunker shot again to three feet away and almost made it. My sand play is about the only good thing going for this season.

I use the spin milled Vokey's and really like the clubs.
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Had to win the last hole in my league play today to take 3 points. Otherwise it would have been 2½ or 2. Stuffed a 9I from some gnarly rough, into the breeze, from 125 to 8 feet. Made the putt. That's my best of the week (so far).
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