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What Are Your 2013 Golf Goals? Official Thread

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Like our 2008200920102011 and 2012 threads, here's the official thread for 2013.

The rules are the same as they've been:

  1. Post your goals personal golf-related goals for 2013.
  2. Please try to post just once, though if you reach all of your goals, you should quote your post and revise them later in the year.
  3. Do not reply to the posts of other people. This thread, like "What'd You Shoot Today," is not intended to be a discussion, but merely a list of people's goals.


If you're looking to recap your 2012 goals, that's over here in this thread.





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I only have one and it's to get down to a mid to high single digit handicap before summer 2013. Should be easy enough as long as I stay the course, I'd likely be there already if we didn't have the off-season thing here. The best golf of the year came at the end of the season for me. The rest of it, the practice, the constant swing analysis and the hard work I consider part of the process. We have snow here today and I still put the time in to hit balls in the basement before work.

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Get down to a 9 handicap or lower.

Play in more tourneys


To lower handicap, I have to lower my putting averages.

Currently 1.93 per hole (would like 1.85 or lower)

Currently 2.09 per GIR (would like 1.9 or lower)


Fairways could also use a lift (45.2 %)

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My goal for 2012 (my first year of golf) was to get consistently into the 90's.   I managed to achieve that.   For 2013, my primary goal is to get consistently in the 80's.   I would already be shooting a lot of 80's if I could just putt worth a damn.   I know Eric feels putting is the easiest thing to learn but for me it has been the hardest.   (AVG putts: 2.23;  GIR AVG putts: 2.52)  So, since I know what I need to work on, I feel my 2013 goal is very much achievable with some work on the putting green.


Secondary to that is breaking 80.

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My goals for 2013 are as follows: (1) get my handicap down to single digits, and (2) break 80. Too ambitious? Since I started playing in fall of 2011, I went from a 39 hcp to 18 in one year and now consistently shoot in the 80's. Might as well set the bar high...
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My goal for 2013 is to maintain golfing at least once a week and possibly maintain scores in the high 80s. Though, my goal for the foreseeable future will always be to ace a par 3 and break 70 - in no particular order because either one would result in having to stop at Kohl's for new underwear... 2 trips would just be redundant and humiliating! d1_bigcry.gif


So keeping it realistic, my real goal for 2013 is quite simple: To maintain my handicap and golf with my father who missed the entire golf season last year due to a torn rotator cuff. He had to resort to becoming my ride-along caddie while using his good hand to have beers with. I think it was good training though because the harassment and heckling that I endured is great prep for the upcoming year's tournaments! Though I am not ruling out the Ace by any means... I want my revenge after leaving 2 balls within 12" of the cup this past Summer.

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For 2013 I hope to take 5 strokes off of my handicap, master hitting straight drives, and get involved in as many tournaments as possible. 

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My goal for 2013 is to break 100 as often as I could, since I've done it once in the 3 months that I've been playing I hope to make it almost every round, if I pull this off ill be aiming for 95 every round by mid to late year, I'm setting realistic goals so I don't become to distraught if I can't make them 😄
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Goal #1: Obtain a more consistent swing.


Goal #2: Post a handicap below 15


Goal #3: Break 80


Goal #4: Have as much fun as I possibly can playing a game that I love!

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1. Play more than one round a month.
2. Get a proper fitting for my whole bag.
3. Single digit handicap.
4. Stop bothering my wife with swing theory.

I listed them in order by difficulty. I'd honestly call it a successful season if I managed three of them.
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1- Putt Better 2- Chip Better 3- Play consistantly low 90's, currently mid high 90's 4- Break 90 more often, managed it once this year 5- Continue to have fun on the course and enjoy the day, whatever happens
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1. Single Digits.

2. Get fairways up to 50%

3. Get GIR up to 35%

4. Get putts down 32.

5. Play more tournaments.


I took about 5 strokes off this year, but didn't achieve any of my goals from the 2012 thread.  So these are pretty much the same.  

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1 - Far better ball striking with a consistent draw pattern. 

2 - Devote some time to putting and chipping practice.

3 - Less than a 5 cap.

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Make my strait drives long, and my long drives strait. Last season it was one or the other for me. The second half of the season I reached my golf goals while dropping my driver completely. Next season I plan on bringing my driver back, and averaging better than bogie golf.

My last four 9 hole rounds for 2012 were all 49-49-46-46, I am hoping to shave a few off that.
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shoot par

shoot under par

HC less than 3...

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This past year, I got a complete fitting for my clubs.


Turns out my irons and wedges were a pretty good fit - I had comparison-shopped when I got them a couple of years ago. The long clubs were a switchout, took a season to get them zeroed in. Took four lessons too, trying to build swing and integrate new clubs.


Went from standard to midsize grips on my FWs and hybrid, and killer hook seems to be under control now. (Hook can come with RBZ lightweight shafts).


Anyway, my goal for 2013 is to play 18 holes at least six times a month. I don't think I'll break 90 regularly unless I get out on the course and play a lot. Practice range necessary, but has its limits. Plus, playing is more fun.

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1. Break 72 ( lowest score in 2012 is still 72 ) 2. Get down to < 2 Handicap , improve in a all department of my game 3. Make more $ from a guy call Richard H . He has been kicking my butt in 2012 ( he is a 2 HDCper ) 4. Custom Fit a new set of Irons and an Edel putter 5. Attend Aim Point Class - Level 2 and Advanced .
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To start, here were my goals from 2012:


1) Be able to break 80 consistently (Nope, not there yet), and 2) start playing in tournaments (Check).  But mostly, keep the back in shape and just play as often as possible. (Check)


For 2013:


1.   Keep improving my swing and ballstriking.

2.   Get that handicap moving downwards ... no specific number, just looking for constant improvement here.

3.   Win a tournament.


And don't forget to keep stretching that back!!!

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