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Swingbox golf net

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I have had the Swingbox for 6 months and I love it. It doesn't take up much room in my garage and I really feel I get a good practice session in. I also have an Optishot golf simulator and both products have really helped me. I wonder how many other people on here have either or both products.

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Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

I have had 2 other "traditional nets" over the years and they just took up too much room in our 2 car garage. This one takes up much less space and you can use just one ball if you like. I have a 4 by 5 ft, of carpet under it as well so the ball doesn't roll too far on the hard concrete. Go on you tube to see demos. Sometimes the ball shoots out too fast and I have to chase it but maybe 1 out of 10 does that. Also anything higher than an 8 iron might go over the net but I just stand closer with a short Iron in my hand. I also have an Optishot and these 2 products work seamlessly together. Yes, they are pricey but I'd bet you really like them. Remember you generally get what you pay for!

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They currently have a promo code for Fathers' Day. FDSFREE gets you $30 off and free shipping. Figured I'd share for those considering it. Too steep price wise for me but it looks cool.

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Pretty sure if I had a swingbox or trackman of any sort, any sort of social gathering would turn into a drunken long-drive contest for the boys while the girls sat inside and talked about the varying shades of their lip gloss.

Sounds pretty awesome.

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I want a Swingbox so bad. It looks like a sweet product and would actually save me some jack that I throw down hitting balls at the range. Hoping to pull the trigger on one this year.

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    • I mostly play a low to mid-compression ball like Callawaay ChromeSoft or Hex Soft. Got 6 ProVI's in a tournament and finally played them on a trip to Couth Carolina last month. Very impressive...Long enough and stopped on a dime on the greens. I never gave ProVI's much thought due to price and my tendency to lose balls. So I ordered 24 "refinished mint AAAAA" ProVI's off eBay for $40 total. Haven't hit them yet, but they do look brand new.  -Marv
    • It's all mental. If you are out there starting out and can't handle mishits take up bowling.
    • Well I received my GX 7 a couple of weeks ago and well the first time i used it it was just like the video! It wend dead straight and just as far as I hit my Driver. Since then I have been using it and I love it. I played in a 9 hole twilight comp last night and hit 100% of the fairways. Walk away with 21 stableford point with one wipe! My golf scores have already dropped and feeling a lot more confident. You just have to control yourself and not try and belt the hell out of it. So I can seriously say this is awesome.     
    • @Kevinwelland and @Hiway1tele - nothing wrong from walking away from this game. It's ridiculously difficult. I've been at it for several years now and have recently come to the conclusion that any real improvement is outside my ability and means. Once that mindset kicks in, the game becomes more enjoyable and less frustrating (for me). Today, it took about 4 or 5 holes  to get past the unrealistic expectations I often experience. The bad shots became just part of the round I endure while waiting to hit the few good ones. It ceased becoming a life or death situation and I was glad I played. In a way, I envy your ability to walk away. I think about how much of the last 6 years of my life I've wasted working towards goals. All that time, I could have just enjoyed the game for what it is, or found a better hobby. Of course, I wouldn't have known my limits had I not put 100% in as I did. In the end, it's about whether or not we can enjoy "bad" golf. There are worse players than us out there having fun - just as there have been much, much better players who've quit.
    • In most of golf,  the distance max for a club is irrelevant.  It's about dispersion and repeatability. I dunno about the Internet crowd but for me I want drop and stop shooting at greens.  A 15 cap here says he can choose between sucking it back or drop and stop on gw? Sorry gotta call Bravo Sierra on that nonsense.
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