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Heaven & Heck Championship

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This weekend is the big two day tournament at The Heritage at Westmoor, my home course.

Saturday is heaven day. We play from the ladies tees at 5200 yards.

All the par 3s are cut with big huge 9" holes!

All the par 5s have 5-6 holes cut on the greens, and you can putt to any hole.

Sunday is Heck/Hell day. We play from the Championship tees at over 7500 yards. OUCH.

US Open Qualifier pin placements. Brutal.

Last year on Saturday I shot an 82 with 3 birdies.

Last year on Sunday, I shot 107. OUCH.

Its so fun, the best tournament of the year.

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This sounds really cool.

My club has only 1 big event each year.  It's a 3 day men's tournament with each round being best ball with different requirements. Thursday is 2 best balls on each hole, Friday is 1 best ball on all odd holes and 2 best balls on all even holes and all 3 balls used on two of the par 5's.  Saturday it reverses the best balls 2-1-2...  We also have chipping, putting and long drive competitions.  One of the days we have a horse race after the round.  Unlimited food, drink and fun for all 3 days.  It's just straight golf though, nothing out of the ordinary like what you're describing.

This would be a great idea for a 2nd big tournament.  When they cut the holes big, you mean like temp green big? Does it mess up the greens at all doing it how you said for Saturday?  I'm sure that would be the only issue the superintendent would have at my course.  I do like the ladies tees back to the tips idea.

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When they cut the holes big like that, on the next day you can't even tell, as if its a regular hole thats filled in.

Today I shot an 86. Could have easily been on the 70s had I not hacked up all the par 5s. But I played all the par 3s in 1 under today.

Tomorrow is going to be brutal. Bogeys are pars. If I'm under 105 I'll be happy. Its the tee shots that kill ya. On this course is like Marion, lots high native grass. Some tee shots are more than 260 yds just to make the fairway.

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Yesterday we were checking out the tees we are playing from today.

On one par 5, the carry to the fairway is 240 yds. Two of the par 3s are over 255 yds.

The native tall grass eats balls like crazy. I'll have a dozen balls in the bag. LOL

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This is a really interesting tournament, really gotta capitalize on heaven day it seems as i doubt many are breaking 90 on hell day.

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I love this idea! I would have a blast, but I don't think my club would have many higher handicappers signing up. It would make a few par 4's effectively par 5's and would force short hitters to lay up short of a water hazard with their tee ball on 1 of the par 3's. Op - do a lot of high handicappers sign up for this?

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Ya there was a lot of high handiecappers there, including me.

I struggled all day yesterday. Shot a 115.

Some guy shot a 69, I couldn't beleive it. When they had the US Open qualifiers there, the lowest score was a 67. This guy needs to join the tour.

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I guess I can understand if your driving is bad, but 7500yds is a monster. But I would be more intimidated by 'Heaven" day. Over driving greens, not knowing distances. Hell da is easy.

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Note: This thread is 2600 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • This, also what kind of spin I want, and what shot I’m hitting (tee shot into par 3 or approach elsewhere). Most of the time, I’m hitting the longer club but gripping down on it and swinging a bit easier.  But sometimes I’ll go bigger.
    • Generally, I'll look to see where the better miss is. Long or short. If it's better to miss long, hit the longer club. If it's better to miss short, hit the shorter club.  If for some reason, the only play is to attack the pin, I'll hit a "three quarter" shot with the longer club.  Of course at my handicap, I rarely end up actually executing any of those options properly.   But that's my mindset.
    • Just curious about what y’all do when in this situation. I’ll give an example on what I would do. Let’s say I’m 150 yards from the pin. For me, that’s right smack in the middle of my 8I distance (145 yards) and my 7I distance (155 yards). When I hit the longer club, I tend to catch it fat. Solid contact will only happen probably three times out of ten. When I swing harder, I’ll make solid contact probably nine times out of ten.
    • Your last post sounds like maybe your dealing with depression? Is there something else in your life that is affecting your golf? I too have really been fighting my golf game. I am nowhere near as good as your bad game. I play Ping irons and convinced myself that it was being caused by the wrong lie angles. I went to see a Professional and he shortened my irons by an inch. I hit the ball better for a day or two, then I was back to bad. I had convinced myself that the -1” was a mistake. A week ago I bought a new/used set of irons in standard length and lie angle. I took them to the practice course a couple days latter. I could not get a ball airborne with anything longer than a 9 iron. I hit about 45 grounders, packed up the clubs and took them home. I made the decision to not try to play golf again until my body stops hurting. I hooked up my boat and went fishing. My problem is, if I take lessons I can’t practice with my body hurting like it Is, so why waste the money. I do share your frustration and sadness though, as I really love to play golf. I wish you the best and if you figure it out please post the cure on here. On the bright side though, I now have a set of Pings and a set of Titleist to look at.
    • Day 13:  Played 18 holes today.  Had a very average day scoring, but had a good day in terms of ball striking.  All day, I only had one true mishit, and just a couple more less than great strikes.  But a huge improvement for me.  Also, this might be the first 18 holes ive ever played without losing a ball.  That might not be true, but certainly in recent memory it is.  Just keeping the ball in play is huge.  Problem is, just because it was in play, doesn't necessarily mean it went where it needed to go.  Most of the time it was close enough, but 3 or 4 "close enough" shots on a hole, is a bogey or double bogey.  And I don't have the short game or lag putting needed to make up all those partial strokes.  Not complaining, I've literally spent zero days working on chipping and lag putting.  Just being realistic about where my game is currently.  Pleased with today's effort.  Consistency breeds confidence.  If I can start turning those double bogeys into bogeys, and some of the bogeys into pars, I'm going to be right where I want to be by the end of the year.   View this round on GAME GOLF  
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