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Shorten Driver Shaft: Cutting shaft of high lofted driver down to 40 inches!!

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I rarely use my 3w from fairway - only from tee.

This is my idea:
Can I take a 13,5 degrees driver head.
Put a shortened S300 shaft (same lenght as my rescue!!!) in it (I think it is 39.75".

This way I get a club:
- great for tee
- big head for confidence and forgiveness
- high loft for forgiveness
- short shaft for control

As it is instead of 3w, length does not matter!!

BUT I believe I will get a swingweight problem.
How can that be fixed?

Ideally, I would go for this head:
In 13,5 degrees.

I have a S300 steel shaft in my rescue that I just love.

Can I use that in driver in 39.75"?



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Man, you are talking a few $$ only to answer most of your questions. Why so fearful of the hacksaw and epoxy pot? These fixing tasks are NOT rocket science and using old, thrift store clubs to learn on can only be good. Shafts and grips, to replace, are easy as pie. Where's that DIY spirit? Want a big new putter? Simple. Take a 460cc low loft driver head and glue on a short shaft.  But don't try to sell that idea. It's mine!!


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You are a 2 index?

43 inches should give you control off the tee and still maintain distance. Go with a heavier graphite - 90g - I hope you have high swing speed.

Swing it at 80% for more control and better contact.


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