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Hello everyone.  I'm Kevin, 28, and I'm from Phoenix, the land of ten million (probably an exaggeration) golf courses that we can play year-round.  I've been golfing for a long time, at some point it did get down to once or twice a year though, but the past two to three years I have been trying to get out at least two to three times a month.

I'm probably an average golfer, though I've recently purchased new clubs and and am trying to fix my swing (slice with my woods/hybrids), so my latest rounds don't back that up entirely.

Also, I entered 18 as my handicap index, but I really have no idea what I'm at.  I've never actually gone through that process, but it's probably pretty close.


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    • I say both - it would be valuable to have this shot in your arsenal, but at the same time, if you can get better with the more standard partial wedge shots, you'll be better off in the long run. But this shot is great to have whenever you have a need to keep it low - if you have overhanging trees, or it's really windy, etc.
    • I like how you worded that because that's exactly how it feels. Basically a shorter swing and I try not to hinge my wrists at all. Just straight back and through to the target. I have to work to get my distances down but 90% of the time it went pretty much straight to the target. It took a lot of guess work out of my swing
    • Well...I got out on the course 2 weeks ago and it wasn't all I had hoped for.  Conditions were tough with all the rain we have had but I still botched more than my fair share of iron shots.  The good news, if there is any, is that my driving and my short game helped me stay below triple digits (shot 99 with a couple penalties).   I am right in the middle of busy season so I haven't been able to work on my swing as much as I would like but pieces are still improving.  My arm structure is looking much better coming into impact, which is also why I think I have been hitting a lot of fat shots recently.  I think that while we have been working on this, I need to remember to keep my "butt on the wall" and give my self space to extend (I asked my instructor about this so I will see what he says.  It also looks like I need to revisit keeping my front knee a little more still on the back swing. Another aspect of my swing that I have been thinking about is my transition.  It looks like I have a tendency to get my hips and lower body moving while my upper body stays relatively still.  I think that is the cause for my steep move as I have to shorten the distance between the club and the ball to catch up.  I asked my instructor about trying to move my upper body more in connection with my lower body.  Just doing practice swing and tinkering around with the mirror, if I have the feeling like there is a rod going from my right hip and connecting to my hands my swing seems to be much more shallow in the transition.  Everything looks better in slow motion without a ball so I will see what he says about this. I am uploading my last driver swing today as I really like how that is starting to look.  Hoping next week my iron swing will be catching up a bit.  
    • A lot of people link all there accounts and will post the same content on all outlets. There is actually an option for it. Hashtags have outgrown just instagram or twitter. Even if they can't accomplish anything. I see a lot of ignorant folks who text with them to add subtle emotion.    For example someone could text me " i just shot a damn 96 today. #golfishard". While ultimately the hashtag is irrelevant (and douchey), it still adds some substance to the text.   
    • Some of those are clever and accurate.  Mine?  No way.  In fact, it's downright inconceivable!
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