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Hello all, I'm new to the site, but not to golf... However, I've been out of practice for the past few years. Im 30 years old and started golfing when i was 4, got into a jr. golf team when i was 6, played 3-4 times a day until i was 10... thats when i dropped back to only playing 2-3 times a day as I had become quite the swimmer. I skipped out on playing golf for my hs because I was focused on my swim career. I was ranked 4th in the US in the 200m butterfly, so that took a bit of priority over golf. I still played, but I was down to once a week with a handicap of around 4. Fast forward a few years... I raced what would be my last competitive swim race at the Olympic trial qualifiers for the 2002 games. My shoulder basically imploded. Off to college, where I played a bit more golf, but my shoulder limited pretty much everything that I did. I had surgery 3 years ago which rebuilt the ball/socket, fixing my problem... Sorta. My left handed swing is pretty much over. I don't have, nor will I have the range of motion I once had. Here I am 3 years later, trying to get back into the game I love.... Only this time, I'm swinging right handed. I still am extremely athletic, I do 2-3 ironman distance triathlons a year, I'm a competitive waterskier, and I just competed my last season of ski jumping (too old.) My swing is coming along very nicely considering I've only been out to the range 5 times in 2 weeks. This forum will be a very valuable tool in my road to recovery, I look forward to lots of conversations with you all. I will be posting videos to the swing thread here in the next couple of days. Thanks in advance

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    • Of the six military guys I asked about it, five felt it was exactly the kind of thing they fought to protect and had no problem with it. The sixth said he thought it was disrespectful but said so is killing people and blowing shit up and the military does that itself. Have you polled enough of the military to see whether it was seen as disrespectful by the majority?
    • Of course the outrage is after the fact.  As it is with most things.  Are you stating you would have to personally witness something as it happens to be outraged or disagree with it?   I don't believe it is something that can be "proved" either.  I don't think it needs to be.  If the majority of the military feels it is disrespectful, than I tend to agree with that.
    • My house is dumb as a brick.  And 2x4 posts.  And drywall.  And paint.
    • No. Liking the entirety of your country, your government, etc. is not a binary state. You don't even like everything about your wife. Or children. Or golf. @Gunther, never one to disappoint with that crap. More below… You never give people enough credit. Guess what? You can support a person's right to protest while completely disagreeing with whatever they're protesting. It isn't. But your constant attempts to pigeonhole do more to divide than they do to gain understanding, find common ground, and discuss things intelligently. I'll call it like I see it - you're intellectually lazy when it comes to anything political. That's why I think you pigeonhole everything into "liberal" and "correct" (in your opinion). And hey, I tend to vote Republican. We're probably more alike than you imagine, politically… except that I try to look at things separately, when I do take the time to consider it, while you seem to want to just pigeonhole and spout. Others have said it, but you can't "prove" that it's disrespectful. It's just your opinion. And anyone else's. At the risk of making a post that's not "on topic" enough that I'd moderate it if it weren't my own post (though mods are and always have been free to moderate my posts as they see fit)… my thoughts on the matter include: I don't think it's disrespectful to sit. I think you should probably have a reason to sit, because if you garner attention for sitting you'd better have an answer as to why, not just "I don't know, stuff sucks here right now." He seems to have had a reason, so okay. Sitting is no different, IMO, than burning a flag. Protesting in front of Capitol Hill. If a "regular person" sits, nobody will care. A few people might say "what a jerk" in their minds, but they're not going to care if he has an issue. They will if a celebrity sits, so he used the fame to get his point across. I'm not entirely sure what he was protesting, so I don't know if I agree or disagree with him. I know people who support gay marriage but who oppose welfare. Or the opposite. IMO, things are rarely so clearly divided along party lines. I know military people who think what he did was terrible, and others who think it was a great expression of the freedom their fighting and work has allowed for. As usual, since it's politics, I don't give it a whole ton of thought. But what little thoughts I've given it are right there.
    • As a lower trajectory hitter, on most days I allow for 2-5 yards of rollout when selecting a club, and then take an extra club on top of it.  I also do not use a urethane ball so I am bound to get some extra roll on the green, but I do get some needed roll on my drives. 
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