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Golf game went downhill bad! Help!

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Ok, 2 weeks ago I was playing (for me anyways) pretty good golf. I was shooting low 80's to mid-high 70's on a regular basis. But never any higher that low 80's. I couldn't miss a fair way with my driver and if I missed a green it was 3-5 yards off the right or left side of the green, i naturally hit a slight (5-8) yard fade. Say for an approach shot. If you ball started at the pin it would fade to the right side of the green, but if it started left of the green it would fade into the left center. Anyways, in the last two weeks my game has basically disappeared. When I pick a club up there's no telling where it's going to go, 85% of the time it's a nasty high slice, but then I'll throw a snap hook in there, or a nice straight ball right down the middle of the fair way.. It doesn't make any sense and I can't seem to hit the ball straight, I've watched a million videos and tried a million things with no success..

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