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Help me choose new irons - game improvement

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Hello everyone,

First post here on the sand trap, been reading here for awhile and have got some great tips.

I'm in the market for new irons and I've narrowed it down to three. Callaway Apex, Titleist AP1 and Taylor made speed blade.  I'd appreciate any opinions/differences between these three options, either personal or just golf course buzz. Thanks

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Well,I just traded my 3 year old Mizuno MP 53's/steel shafts for PING G 25's w/ graphite shafts. I do not hit a high shot and hoping now w/ the PINGS that I might be able to launch the ball higher.( I went for 2 lessons w/ Mike Breed from the Golf Channel and he noticed that I close down on my irons as well as my woods.)...I just have to trust my swing looking at what looks like a VERY open clubface now.

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welcome to TST...   while i dont know a whole lot about other golf club company's products when it comes to Irons...   i'd first and foremost would tell you to look at the Titleist's irons first...  Now JMO, but i feel that Titleist makes Irons more directed towards mid to low cappers..  since i do not think they make a SGI iron, and stick to Blades, MB's and CB's..

Now, i say this being a Titleist Iron set owner, ( 735cm's ) and i love them, they are a nice blend of CBs and MBs..

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The Callaway X2 hot pro irons a very nice. I've had them for about a month or so. I'm very happy they feel very nice. They have a smaller head with a lot less off set then my g15's but they don't seem to be much worse on miss hits. They do have a bit lower ball flight but I hit the ball fairly high so it's probably a good thing. I actually am hitting them about 10-15 yards longer even though they have the same lofts as the g15's and are only a 1/4 inch longer. I'm probably getting the distance because I have a better trajectory. Good luck and let us know what you end up with.

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Thanks mvmac for the review link. That's probably the least sugar coated review I've read on the apex irons. I think the stronger lofts will suit my game because I typically hit the ball high.

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    • It really depends upon why they're a 15 handicap. A high swing speed is basically all you need to back up the ball. If they can make a 56 degree wedge hiss aggressively, they can probably back it up on firm greens. There are many 15 handicaps who can swing really fast, but hit lots of trees on the way to the green.   Sure, this is true. Even instructors who've been "doing it for years" and "seen 100,000s of thousands of golfers" can make be mistaken about someone's ability. The problem is no one knows what's going on "in your swing" except yourself. Even then, may of us don't know. The 300 yard 20 capper example you gave is not unrealistic. An old instructor who fit many clubs over half a century told me that the average male should be able to get 105mph swing speed. He based this on understanding mechanics and seeing people's swings are not even close to optimal. He's a TGM advocate, but seems to know his stuff. On the internet could sound just like a 76 year old kooky golfer, but in real life he makes a lot of sense.
    • I'm not very good. With that being said, my yardage gaps are consistent (10-15yds) all the way through my bag so fairway shots >95 yards are always full shots for me. I practice <95yd shots on the range regularly, so I am capable of rolling a 3/4 swing out across my bag. Now, I'm not very good (remember?). With that being said, I am in trouble frequently off the tee and I have to focus on less-than-full swings regularly to get the ball back in play. Off-fairway/slight trouble, my go-to play is a 6i since i can keep it low (read: under a tree) and can control distance "pretty well" anywhere from 100-150yds, typically staying within 20 yards of intended target. Sometimes this is more of a punch shot, other times I am trying to draw it around trees (mostly unsuccessfully). But - If I am my full 6i distance though, I am hitting a full 6. The biggest problem I have is instead of taking a 3/4 full swing, I have the tendency to decelerate leading me to hit about 24" behind the ball - this is why I typically opt in for full swings when I can. Purely Mental... Maybe I'll get on the range and try this "flighting" technique a bit more  
    • not all that unusual design. It is older but, I remember seeing similar about twenty years ago that looked to have been CNC Milled, cylindrical, but not with end caps. The head also did not have a flat face. The idea was to impart top spin. You would hit just like any putter, not like a croquet mallet. Not sure of the legality, but if I were to design something like that, I would have the ends as wheels and use a push stroke as in shuffle board. Dumb? Maybe, Effective?, probably, Different? definitely.
    • I did a ball fitting at one of the golf superstores a few years ago and wasn't satisfied.  First they asked me what brand of ball I wanted to try, and then it turned out they recommended the most expensive ball of that brand.  I would like to be able to start from scratch and have them give me recommendations on different brands and models based on my swing parameters, maybe narrow it down to 3 balls that wont make a difference with which one I pick.
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