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Easy to hit hybrid and forgiving

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When I first started out years ago I didn't play a driver or woods, I just had a driving iron but I was confident with it and played well. Thing is I can hit the driver and my 4 wood now so it's just trying to find something that really suits.  Thanks for your comments, I think I'll pop to the golf shop and just hold a few and see how they look at address o give me an idea then I can look at what in the used market is of a similar type

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I've been an iron player forever, never played hybrid clubs until I purchase a set of JPX 800 clubs two years ago. Since the set did not include the 3&4 irons, I purchased the hybrid clubs to fill my bag. It took a few months to play them properly, but I eventually figured them out and like the various shots they are capable of performing.

I find them remarkable when playing from ruff when the ball would be sitting down, hitting a low stinger fade, draw or straight. They also are great on playing a high launch shot and forgiving if I catch them on the toe.

A popular club several of my friends use off the tee, is a 2 hybrid.


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1 hour ago, inthehole said:

just remember hybrids are long shafted clubs - they're not "easy" to hit.    Some may find them "easier" than a long iron, but it's relative.    Hybrids are not magic - just don't set your expectations too high - I stuggle like hell with hybrids sometimes, but most of the time, they suit me.    Biggest thing is that they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes ... gotta find one that suits your eye and you like the looks of - otherwise, you'll never get confidence with it...

Like it.

I found hybrids the most difficult clubs to find that fit you.

My story is that my swing and transition were terrible! Since the 90's, I tried the original TM Rescue, Sonartech, but you can't hit them if you are a smooth transition internal golfer but swinging like you are Nick Price -- can you say thin hits?

#1 - Fix your swing

#2 - Find your club

Recently, it's easier. I liked a fairway wood look, but maybe it was because my favorite hybrid, Bobby Jones, went to a cup face. Previous to that, he had the thinnest face using brazing, a low COG, and  spin -- helped get the ball up and it was relatively forgiving.

Update to now after various failures. Improved swing, and tried Callaway XR, which also has a cup face and they've improved on it. Better look to me than the Big Bertha. Installed a Recoil 460 and they seem to be working. Why? I am improving my swing.

There is a theme here.

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I find generally that hybrids suit a flatter swing shape. Shafts vary in length even of the same loft. My 20 degree isn't too much different from my irons. Some can be a fairway wood length.

With a more rounded action the flat sole on my Benross V5 just doesn't dig. I've hit so many greens with it from 200-220. It either draws slightly or straight. To be honest I would rather take it than a 4 or sometimes a 5 iron.

They are also excellent from under trees. Choke down with a half swing anywhere up to 180 yards out. Also fluffy rough with the ball on top or under the grass tops.

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Note: This thread is 2054 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I can't wait to hear about them.  I'm probably not getting new hybrids this year, but if I did, these would be near the top of my consideration list.  Please let us know how they are.
    • I read something recently in either Golf Digest or Golf Magazine and it listed I think the top 50 players and what they played for irons.  It was a blades/ combo set/ whatever set type of article.  I showed that they were very few players playing a full set of MB’s.  If I recall correctly, most were gaming some type of combo set.   Clubs like the TM p770 are just so good now, their benefits are more attractive to better players.
    • Thing is TV shows the good shots, the putts being made so we all think they hit everything close and make every putt. Go look up PGA tour proximity to the hole... you’d be surprised it’s not close like you see.
    • I would have to agree, as agile and strong as they are with a game of golf, they probably would look pathetic in a fighting ring. If and when they get their dup together that will be a good show. Although I think the media has hyped it beyond what it really is and would just be a competitive round of golf like most others.
    • I dunno. Watching two meat heads who probably have no idea how to fight isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’d rather see them play some serious golf and really give the tour a show.
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