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Face Balanced Putters

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I miss 95% of 4-6 footers to the left. Using 1/4 balanced (Whitlam ETWB blade) putter. I thought going to face balanced putter would help keep ball on line longer. Thinking of Odyssey White Hot 2.0 XG#7 or Versa Tank Fang, #7 Versa; Nike Method Core Drone 2.; Scotty Cameron Futura X7.


Any suggestions? Thanks

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Before I would invest in a new putter, I would check a few things out with your current putter. 

One might be your ball is too far forward in your stance. Being too far forward gives your putter face more time to close just enough to send the ball left of your target.

Another might be that you have too much back swing, that might cause you to decelerate into impacting the ball. This could close the club face just enough. 

If it's not those two issues, which are usually my own  problems for left side misses, then do a search on left side misses to learn all the reasons, and cures for left side misses. 

You also might want to try a left hand low grip which I believe tends to keep the club face square longer through the hitting area. 

I have also seen folks set up with a closed face, and the wunder why their putts go left. 

As a drill put a dime, or penny a couple of feet in front of the ball. Then practice putting the ball over the coin. 

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I too was missing a great majority of my putts of 8' or less short and to the left (I am right handed).

It really got frustrating and I finally went into the golf shop and was looking at putters.  The guy asked me why I thought I needed a new putter.  I told him and he asked me to go get my putter out of my car and let him see it.  It was a SeeMore putter and he showed me that it was               Toe Balanced and that was likely why I had the pattern or misses I described to him.  I made a few putting strokes on their practice green and discovered that me stroke was truly Straight Back and Straight Forward.  He showed me a couple of Face Balanced Putters and I "borrowed" one to use on my next round of golf.  Amazingly, I went and practiced a bit before my round and it did feel different and after a few putts, i began to see that I was not missing short and to the left.  I did put better during that round and I was convinced...I bought a face balanced putter and have done better.  When I putt badly, it is definitely me and not the fact that I am using a wrong putter...I really think that the type putting stroke you have will have much to do with what type putter you need...

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as someone who decided (after 20 years with a Slotline blade) to switch to an Odyssey two ball fang, toe hang....

the main difference I notice is that the two balls help me align my short putts faster, and better :)

not sure about all the other details, but I agree with Patch's tips and have tried them.

I'd suggest practicing with some alignment sticks, too.  double check that what you see as the correct line,

is actually the proper line on the green.



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