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My Swing (mooseontheloose)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 1 month
My current handicap index or average score is: N/A
My typical ball flight is: Not consistent
The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Slice on driver, weak shot on iron

Alright, maybe premature but I'll add to this thread within the next week. Below is a 7i video and I apologize for just the one view. I was at the range today and doing different things to see how it impacted my swing. Wasn't feeling any improvements, so near the end I said "just swing in a way that feels natural" and below is that, sort of. The swing below is how I swung when I started golfing last month, with slightly improvements. On this particular shot I made good contact, left a divot slightly in front of the ball, and the ball carried 160+ yards pretty straight. Overall, it was a good shot for me.

I recently had a lesson and the instructor focused on one thing only - that my head rises and moves back during my swing. I realize now that doing this causes a lot of inconsistency because my body needs to get back in the right position to make proper contact. Tonight I felt like I made progress by 'feeling' my weight stay more centered or even on my left foot through the shot instead of going from left to right to left foot. But then I looked at the video, and even though I felt like I stayed neutral and even kept my weight forward a bit, my head still moved back. The problem is, my instructor really didn't give me any/many tips or drills to get rid of that habit. So I'm posting here. I'll film more shots later in the week, including DTL, but wanted to get initial thoughts overall. I also feel like my weight isn't fully in my front foot as there's pressure on my right toe as I hold the finish.

I filmed driver too but ended up breaking my G15 near the end of the session (oops) and had to pull out an old Acer Titan that I've swung like 5 times. I'll swing it more before filming it. With driver my problem is a slice right, but tonight I hit a few that were straight and even a pull (very rare). My change was trying to start my arms earlier and feeling like I was activating the wrists at impact/follow through, as my usual was to kind of set the wrists through the whole shot in addition to (I think) early extending/releasing the hips.


OK, sorry for the long post. Hopefully you guys can give me some tips for the below. Even if you can't see much because of the angle or whatever, any tips about my body/head moving during the shot would be helpful. 




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Welcome to TST.   We're glad you've decided to join and upload a swing video.   

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Was at the range today and took some better videos with both angles. Not the same shot but the videos though since I recorded both with phone.


These shots both resulted in good contact and distance with a divot in front of the ball. Watching it seems I've improved my backwards sway but not an upward sway. Today I felt like bending my knees and getting lower actually helped with getting my hips rotated both ways but the downside is ththat upward sway on hthe backswing which will keep me inconsistent.

Also looks like in the DTL swing i have taken it away inside and come in a bit steep.

My plan for next range day is to shorten the swing to avoid over over rotation and sway. Also focus on a more vertical backswing.

Thoughts? Anything I've missed or suggestions on how to improve?





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