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I've been Playing Golf for: 30 years
My current handicap index or average score is: 47 to 51 for 9 holes
My typical ball flight is: push fade
The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pull or slice

I have no video as of yet and here in MN the best I can do for now will be practice swings in my apartment. I have been on and off this site for a long time and love the sense of community here and how everyone seems so willing to help with each other's swings. If I had to describe my swing I would say it's a mess. I'm that dude that runs to the newest fad swing and watches YouTube like I'm going to find something that fixes it all finally. I will try to get up some practice swing videos as soon as possible so that I can show what I'm trying to accomplish. Oh and @iacas I am that guy that's not flexible enough to make a great turn so any help with working on that would be much appreciated. Thank you to anyone in advance that takes the time to check in on this. I'm hoping this is the start of a better path to good golf.


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Obviously I'm great at reading directions. Not!


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10 minutes ago, iacas said:

As you might suspect we really need to see a video first. And I bet you're more flexible than you realize.

Noted. Will a swing with no ball tell you much?

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Hit a few balls yesterday at an indoor facility here in town. Didn't think to take video as I'm a dummy and  I really need to do that. One thing I notice is that I just forget to do everything I'm supposed to do. I either get a decent shoulder turn for me and my hips are stuck in cement of just swing all arms. I know this means nothing without seeing it I'm just venting. I'll keep trying to do my mirror work at home and try to get back to that facility and take some video.


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2 minutes ago, Bo the Golfer said:

One thing I notice is that I just forget to do everything I'm supposed to do. I either get a decent shoulder turn for me and my hips are stuck in cement of just swing all arms.

Slow things down a lot. Like, 10% swing speed.

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16 minutes ago, saevel25 said:

Slow things down a lot. Like, 10% swing speed.

I definitely need to do this. Everything was full speed. I will make sure to practice like this to ingrain the feeling. Thank you!

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Had a semi aha moment today. I say semi as I have not hit a ball but I have a room here at work I can swing in and just read on another thread where @iacas wrote that when you slide your hips forward you are also turning. I had never seen it put this way or am to golf dumb to have figured that out. I felt powerful in my swing for the first time ever doing this. I will have to get to the simulator and put this on video.

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As cliche as it may be I start my fitness journey today. I think this will be a big help to my golf as I am so tight in the upper back/shoulders area. I am working on losing weight and increasing flexibility. Still need to get to the simulator and film some swings for this thread. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

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I was just down in Florida for 5 days and finally got to hit some golf balls. Of course being a dummy I didn't have my wife video me but to be fair she was hitting a bucket as well. I tried several things as I am the ultimate tinkerer and wanted to find a direction that i felt would work and I would commit to. I actually tried this Michelle Wie type stance where I was very wide and used the grip from Leadbetter's A swing. Hated it. Hit some crazy hooks and never felt comfortable. I then tried some iron swings incorporating a stack and tilt feel with a strongish but more normal grip. I actually hit some pretty decent shots but felt that it could have been better. Finally I just set up with my feet shoulder width apart, feet flared out, and concentrated on two things. I tried to keep a steady head according to key #1 and took the club back thinking of Kevin Chappell (I really like his swing). I'm not sure I've ever hit the ball better. I didn't bring my clubs with me but the driving range down there (Chi Chi Rodriquez Golf & Family Sports Center in Clearwater, FL-awesome place if you are ever down there) gave me a driver, 7 iron and PW. I hit every club really solid. I had a few pulls but for the most part hit some towering, straight deep balls. As golfers I am sure we all know the feeling of hey, I found it only to find that we suck a week later. My issue is that when that suck creeped in I was off to another swing. This site has taught me a lot recently as maybe it's being a little older that I am better at assimilating info and understand jumping around from swing to swing is foolish. I will be practicing with this session in mind going forward. The only problem I have now is that I went from mid 60's weather to -25 here in Minnesota so practicing indoors will have to do for now. 

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    • Exactly my point. You're choosing to exclude a brand of product that you admit makes a good product simply on the off chance you don't like the clubs that the resale value is going to be lower than you feel it should be. While you're obviously entitled to do so, I don't think that is a good reason to exclude a company and not even consider them when making future purchases. We aren't talking about a car or something here, we are talking about a couple hundred bucks at the most, and that's only on the off chance that you don't like the clubs. Out of curiosity, which irons are you referring to and how much did you pay for them in 2011?
    • I recently had a tournament and a friend's event all outside in 85+ deg and 90% humidity. The keys for me were to Cooling towel, water, Gatorade, good food (turkey sandwich and banana) and an umbrella. Use all of these early and often. Also if you are walking go at your pace, don't rush to keep up. Take a few extra seconds to catch your breath, wrap your head or get some water.   Finally, I found that taking my hat off in the shade and using some cool water was a big help.   Good luck
    • So Mr. 202 has been looping for Matt Every. Not a star, but a guy that has had some success. He has two career wins and had a second-place finish and a third earlier this year. But ... Now Matt has to answer questions about his idiot caddie and he's missed the cut three of the last four tournaments.  Trey better hope that Matt really likes him.
    • Not to me. If person buys a new set of irons in the spring, only to find out that he hates them in the fall, he will then take a big hit to make a change. My Pings are from 2011 and they are still worth half of what I paid for them. My son plays TM and loves them. They do make a good product, just too many changes.
    • It's been over a month since I started experiencing a sharp pain in my chest and armpit area in my lead side from apparent overuse. I am guilty on numerous occasions of reaching for the large bucket at the driving range, sometimes even twice in one session, and just overall engaging in very fast paced, frustration-filled practice sessions. I've tried everything from the RICE method in the early stages of the injury (rest, ice, compression and elevation), visited a sports specialist orthopedic who pretty much just confirmed my own self diagnosis of an intercostal muscle strain from overuse and advised that with these types of injuries there isn't much that can be done other than give it time and ease back into normal activity over time. Very eager to continue playing and practicing, being that it's mid-season here in the northeast, I tried playing again just a week after initial injury and seemed to have set myself back. I then gave myself more rest time, about three weeks to be exact of not swinging a club, and started incorporating stretches and light weight training to help with the rehab. I've since played about three rounds and hit the driving range on one occasion but continue to experience pain. While not as extreme as how it felt when I first injured myself, I'm frustrated with the lack of progress. Definitely thought I would be good by now. Now I've totally learned my lesson and realized what not to do in the future and even improved my swing substantially so that it's smoother and less violent from reading several books (Hogan, Penick) and practicing my slow swings without a club in front of the mirror. What I am curious to know is if anyone has experienced a similar golf injury and managed to successfully treat it and get back on the course pain free, and of course how long did it take...
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