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Why Aren't There More Heated Ranges? (Minnesota)

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Okay, here's a picture of the dome I like to practice in over the winter. 


One thing I like a lot about this place is every bay has this set-up.


You get ball speed and total yards for every shot you hit. 


So, you can play "leapfrog" or "hopscotch", I've heard it called both. Basically you hit a 50 yard shot, then try to hit a 60 yard shot, then a 70, then an 80, all the way up to 200. I think that kind of game can be beneficial to your overall ability. 

When I took this picture I was working on consistency. So, I'd hit either, driver, 6 iron, or wedge. Then However far I hit it, (Normally, 275, 175, 125 respectively) I'd hit the same club again and try to be within 10 yards on driver, 5 yards or 6 iron, and 3 yards on P wedge. 

They also are pretty reasonably priced. And they have a sand trap which is free to use, as well as putting is always free. 

There was a snow storm the other day, so I got some time in at this dome and felt like it actually helped.


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I am always there during the week. It's actually a pretty good hike from my house, but right down the street from a customer I often visit. 

During the week, I think its $10 per half-hour (Don't quote me, but 31-50 minutes still counts as your first half hour). You can hit as many balls as you like. They also have simulators and stuff. They have punch cards and all of that stuff too.

Here's there webpage:  


The Golf Dome in Chagrin Falls, OH lets golfers take their place on any of 34 tee stations in our heated, indoor driving range. The Golf Dome also...

Only bummer for me is that my company is in the process of re-aligning our sales territory. Within the next 3-6 months or so I'll be giving up all my customers I have up there. My territory is moving a couple hours south. So, this winter may be my last one to enjoy this dome. I'll have to find a new place next year.

BTW - I like your avatar. 

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I wondered if that was the dome in Chagrin Falls. We used to have one in the Youngstown area, but it collapsed last Winter and was never rebuilt. My buddy's Sister found out about the Chagrin Falls dome, so now he wants to go up there! It's probably a 45-50 minute drive. His Sister mentioned that she and her husband had to fight the urge to just smack balls as fast as they could since they were being charged by time rather than buying a bucket and taking as long as they wished to hit them. 

I can't see it becoming a regular thing, since it's a smidge of a hike for us to get there. But, for keeping your hand in in the dead of Winter with no alternative, it will serve fine. 

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Oh we have a dome with that here about 15 minutes southwest of Minneapolis. But it's only implemented on 10 of the bays which fill up fast. They charge $9 for 80 balls Mon-Fri and $14 for a half hour on the weekends. I'd probably go there a lot more if I didn't work 30 minutes in the opposite direction, and like others have said, the timed thing on the weekends really takes the relaxation out of it. I like to spend time after most shots thinking about it, catching my breath etc. 

The dome I actually go to is a lot cheaper and closer to my work. They have a punch card too, so I get a lot of my buckets for free. 

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