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  1. Good work, Covert. Does show that reasonable golf is available even to those with marginal bodies. That yoga pose, The Wheel, would be extra tough for you becoz of the stress it puts on the shoulder joints. Far too easy for older guys to overdo the workouts, so take care.
  2. Jameson. The more your 'head' stays in the swing, the less likely rapid change will happen, IMO. Thinking about instructor's advice, the diagrams in a book, the comments from a web site, all, yes all, will interfere with your progress over the 3 weeks. If you were speaking of 3 years, i would not say this. If you have been playing golf for more than 5 years, and are more than 30 yrs old, then what you got is highly ingrained, whether good, bad or indifferent. But it's the swing you got and will keep for a long time. Your best option is to maximize that swing by reducing mental int
  3. Mulligans. Made famous by Bill Clinton. Carry on Julia.
  4. Best if you provide the relevant info, Drv4show. Letting (making) us do it just leads us to ignore the core.
  5. Ireland for sure. Rory and Rickie: it doesn't get any better. And, no insult intended, but i am sick of texas.
  6. Plenty of Korean sponsors will be offering tons of won.
  7. I see caddies and players standing around like frozen statues while one player stares at the ball, ready to putt. Once the ball is away, who cares? Once the ball on the tee is away, who cares what we hear from the peanut gallery? I observe something similar on various web sites. Some guy finds a site, makes a post which draws 8 responses and the OP thinks the world is finally listening to HIM. This is his elevated moment of glory amongst the faceless masses. No doubt a few years back the pros were saying 'get that TV camera away from me, it's my turn to play'. Now the TV shows us cl
  8. Phil is like a metronome, always the same and controlled. Are you, or most of us, like that? Not. His clubface control approaches perfect, every time. If we can't don't that, no shame, but let's get real. We don't need a 60* wedge to go 60 yards. We can use a 45* wedge which will be much easier for us to control, due to loft and bounce. Control and consistency: your best friends on the course. My spin: take the time to learn what the 45* can do for you. Make the ball go high, drop soft. Make the ball go low with lots of spin, check fast. Same distance, different technique, same r
  9. You may be able to add two wings on the back to increase the heel-to-toe dimensions. Drill a small hole in the cylinder near the back and stick in a chopstick. But must remain in place from tee box 1 to end of round. Cannot modify club during round. Would be weird.
  10. Twerk The rhythmic gyrating of the lower fleshy extremities in a lascivious manner with the intent to elicit sexual arousal or laughter in ones intended audience The modern words i don't know. Humbling for sure. Anyway, i like MWie, wish her well. Stanford grad? I think so. I do not think Michelle is very fleshy in any extremity and whether her putting stance excites the nearby male, or causes him to laugh, is very personal. Me? I'm neutral.
  11. Folks gotta eat. That's a given. And it's way too hot in AZ to cook your own food so makes sense to eat out. And since AZ is nothing but 'car life', drive thru food, via robots, is certainly the way to go. And once Google gets your car automated, you will only need to sit in the back seat, sipping a Miller High Life, tell the car to go to MCD, speak slowly at the window, and zip, out the chute into your lap comes the burger. Credit card only. When you get to Rio next year for the golf Olympics, look for the MCD robotic restaurant: FASTER CLEANER CHEAPER.
  12. Wouldn't you need to play, and turn in score cards, many, many times in 21 days to drop that much? Maybe play every day. And prepare yourself for up and down on the card since only child prodigies could hope to always shoot a lower score today than yesterday. Most knowing instructors on this site will tell you that a successful long ball is where low scores are found. If your driver is weak, find a strong 3 wood.
  13. BAn wins BMW PGA. Except for the 2 oldsters, MAJimenez and TJaidee, everyone else collapsed. But hey, An looked real good in every department. He likely has many wins ahead of him both in Eu and USA. BAn is the child of 2 Olympic gold medal champs, both ping-pong. No doubt he got the elite treatment in Korea from day one. A Berkeley grad? Well, that's something too.
  14. That''s it man, security. Could you imagine if 17 Honus Wagner baseball cards suddenly appeared on eBay?
  15. Watching ole MAJimenez at Virginia Water UK, dropping putts, even eliminating putts with HIO: what a guy! But really what i saw of merit was his putting grip; LHL = left hand low, or aka, crosshand putting. Yeah, left hand low on the grip. How can that make a diff? I tried it today for an hour. Wow, is all i can say. Much smoother striking, more consistent, better distance control and on the practice green, more drops from 20 feet. We will see if it holds up tomorrow on the course. Hope so, as regular putting for me is shitt i o. My motto: quit bitchin', get better. But
  16. When you set-up and the ball is on the tee, are your hands in front of the ball? If so, consider changing that set-up so that your hands are about the same as or even behind ball a bit.
  17. Great news guys. Need financial support? Give a bell here.
  18. Read on Wikipedia that Rickie had a Japanese grandparent and a Navaho grandparent. Very interesting. You may recall that Tiger Woods also has a mixed genetic heritage and he has done well. You can see in Rickie's eyebrows the bushy and black Navaho hair genes. Some call it 'hybrid vigor'. Well, the golf we watch on TV is highly orchestrated but i hope Rickie gets the chance to 'make his people proud'.
  19. No personal involvement here but being a keen naturalist and observer of the world i noticed two Golf Rules possible predicaments yesterday on the course. First was 'in a sand bunker'. Maybe in. Lots of porous rock, even large solid termite mounds around here and this bunker face was rocky with holes big enough for a one pound coffee can to get through. What if a ball runs into the sand and proceeds to roll into the hole. I know grass in the bunker is 'not in bunker' if ball on grass. I thought if ball went into hole in wall of bunker face, what to do. Is ball in bunker? Free relief?
  20. Nope. Sorry Orlando, that avatar is not the real me. Let your imagination run wild coz that what the WWW is all about.
  21. Har har. If you saw the real me, you would roll on the floor in laughter for 30 days.
  22. Strong wrists are the thing for maximum clubhead speed. You can build up wrist strength and flexy with the yoga pose known as the Wheel. Or in ancient text, Urdhva Dhanurasana. Give it a shot.
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