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  1. PG-13 warning for this post 😂 One of Kwon's assistants sent this to me. Pleased I was able to capture some good swings during my visit. Not snatching the club inside at 2, not narrow at 3. Have worked hard to get it to where I can do it without thinking about it.
  2. While it may seem like a good idea, you can't just "factory reset" your swing. Better to just focus on a priority and make that better. Rather than trying to achieve a certain kind of swing, just improve on what you currently have.
  3. Right @Interested Party, just as @iacas just said I grew up in he Bay Area and every hot new recruit going to Stanford was going to be the next Tiger Woods. Now, who can name a PGA Tour player off the top of their heads that went to Stanford? I even grew up playing almost every week with a kid who was the top junior in the country, went to Stanford, got on the PGA Tour (huge accomplishment) but only lasted one year, now he's got a "regular" job. Not to say these players aren't exceptionally good, they are, but those guys in the top 25 are stupid good.
  4. Two birdies, checked off #8, that's it for me for the month, won't be playing Summerlin this week. 14 holes completed in seven rounds, not bad.
  5. 73, pretty happy with it, windy with some crazy pins today.
  6. Yes. By around, compare this player's right shoulder to yours.
  7. You have no "around" with your right side so it might basically feel like you're coming over the top.
  8. Correct, I would never want to reduce my handicap 😂 Now if we're talking about improving my potential or ability by 25% or whatever, that's a different story. That'll help me more in the long run in tournaments and money games than playing lefty.
  9. What are you trying to do with your backswing right now? Are you trying to do more of a Gankas/Wolffe move? Yes but it's most likely not something you can just fix by thinking about it manipulating your wrists. The lower body and where the pressure is working in your feet is off, I would suggest keeping it simple for now. Get a club across your shoulders and work the left shoulder under the chin going back and right shoulder under the chin on the downswing. This downswing move should feel much different to you.
  10. Only played nine holes, one birdie had to quit because it was raining. Playing tomorrow but most likely won't complete my monthly challenge because I'm not playing my course until March.
  11. Are you consciously trying to "swing out to the right?"
  12. Qualified for the U.S. Am Four-Ball yesterday. I was -5 thru 13 on my own ball and my partner carried me on the last few holes, especially with his birdie on the 4th playoff hole. As Mario mentioned, made a visit to Dr. Kwon last week, got measured and analyzed. I was turning my pelvis like 70 degrees on the backswing and losing all the stretch between the upper and lower body from 3-4 and couldn’t take advantage of the early shift. Have to engage muscles in right side, especially right hip, which I wasn’t doing. Upper and lower turning at same rate from 3-4. No stretch which means I open the upper early and left arm swings across it. So my horizontal stuff was good just need more vertical on backswing with better transition rhythm/sequencing. Right hip much higher to 4. Dr. Kwon recommended more “kick” up and outward after the shift at 1. Tried out some triggers and he changed mine a bit. More trigger with right knee going down and in (right hip lowers as a result) to elevate the right hip more going back. "Post up" move Mario is talking about. Biggest takeaways from the whole thing. - What the pelvis is doing is his top priority, ground interaction is second. What the arms, wrists, club does is a reaction to all that. - How he suggests training the changes. - Importance of self discovery. Figuring out your trigger move to create momentum early. - How anyone who is good is still winding up the upper body as the body is shifting forward (transition/downswing). - According to him, swings should feel like “less effort” at impact. Ties into creating a big enough moment arm, the point above and loading the thigh to rib section of the trail side on the backswing.
  13. 72, birdied three of the first four holes and didn't do much from there. Driver has been really good lately.
  14. Three birdies, checked off 4th hole.
  15. Haven't been keeping up with posting in this thread so here are my scores the past month. Been in a slump since about mid Jan, starting to come out of it. Part of it is also how hard the course is playing this time of year, not much grass on the fairways, greens are firm and fast and really tough to get it up and down off the dormant bermuda. Good news is my handicap is going up 👍
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