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  1. Struggled with the driver this weekend, made a triple on both Sat and Sun. Shot 75 and 72.
  2. Some on-course swings from our vacation last week. Making sure to keep the "bounce" in my feet to trigger the swing. Really like how dynamic it looks.
  3. lol but I do think @Braivo is referring to playing pros and not instructors.
  4. The modern driver is best for launching it high with low spin, modern ball doesn't spin as much as a balata. Going to be giving up a lot of yards (and accuracy) swinging down and across, especially off the tee. Yes. It's horrible. CP is a complex pattern and a lot players that were able to actually do it lost their ability to play on the course. Noren does a modified CP so he can play golf.
  5. You disagree there is no "Mac Model"? Well you also disagree with Mac, like I said there are CP/CF/Inline patterns. You can call me self proclaimed but your original post has some errors and is missing some important information. CP would be an Inward swing direction (left for a righty), CF would be an Outward swing direction (right for a righty) and Inline would be close to zero swing direction. Each pattern involves components that compliment creating those swing directions. CP is good for hitting low fades or pulls (steep angle of attack) and CF is good for high draws, off the tee/long irons (shallow angle of attack). Big differences are torso tilts (what Mac might call CoG locations), left arm depth at P3/P5, trail arm location at P6. Examples: CP = Alex Noren, CF = Rory McIlroy, Inline = Adam Scott Mike Bender teaches an early version of the CF pattern. Mac tends to favor CP with most students but played CF fades when he played his best. CF is a functional way to play golf, especially with modern equipment, with CP, not so much.
  6. Played some golf in Western, MA this week. 71 at CC of Pittsfield (Donald Ross), 73 at Berkshire Hills CC (Tillinghast) and 72 today at Taconic Golf Club.
  7. There is no "Mac Model", he has three: CP, CF and Inline. He got some stuff really right and other stuff really wrong. No doubt a huge influence to a lot of instructors and played a big role with moving golf instruction from the dark ages to the start of a systematic approach, consulting with experts and applying a cause and effect approach. By no means the most efficient way to create the best impact conditions.
  8. Tough call, between Group 1 and 2 for me....even if we're talking about playing with these guys somewhat in or close to their primes I'm going with Group 2 because I would want the chance to play with the GOAT and Rory might be the most impressive ball striker I've ever seen in person. Would be awesome to see Arnie and Jack up close though but then you also have to be paired with Gary Player 👎
  9. 72, 68 at TPC Summerlin. Greens were still slow and bumpy after getting punched a couple weeks ago.
  10. To be honest, really, really bad advice. A lot of players actually have dual internal shoulder rotation at impact. How many of these guys are rolling the right forearm over the left? Where are their left elbows pointing?
  11. Rotation may be stalling towards the end of the backswing. This may be something you have to do based on your swing but generally I would avoid shifting from the waist down and leaving the upper body back. Basically you want to shift forward but keep the lead side lower than the trail side, notice how these players look below, note the inclination of the left side's as they are shifted forward. After this point they'll start to push the opposite direction and their left shoulder's/rib cage's will pull back and up. And check this out,
  12. I have a trigger to start the swing, something I've added a couple years ago and it's been huge for me on the course. That's basically when my handicap started dropping from a 2/3 to a +2/3. The trigger has evolved but it's basically spiking some pressure in my left foot so I "push" or unweight it to shift pressure right before my club moves back, then use that momentum to propel me into the backswing. I have a swing thought when I'm on the range working on my transition but on the course I'm just trying to hit it hard. On the course there just isn't enough time to really "think" about manually doing something on the downswing. Basically once I "flow" right I start re-centered the torso and pressure and ideally that allows me to "fall" forward. Couple pics for further illustrate, notice how there is some flow early and then as more rotation kicks in the hips separate from the trail leg line, allows the pressure and center of gravity to get back to center and even get more forward. Ideally allows the backswing to "happen" because of the rotation and pressure movement. This sequencing is even more evident with the pros who re-plant their lead heel closer to the target than it was at 1, Rory, Xander, Champ (below).
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