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  1. Birdied 2 and 14! Monthly challenge completed! Almost an ace on 14.
  2. 69, 5 birdies. Retained the belt, we won 4&2.
  3. Seven birdies today, checked off the 12th hole. Hit a good putt on 14 and lipped out. Most likely playing four more rounds until the end of the month, just have #2 and #14 to go.
  4. Very consistent golf today in the wind, seven birdies, two doubles, 69 😛 Had a chance to shoot 20-something on the back nine. Good drive on 18 and spun a wedge off the green into the water.
  5. 72 today, two birdies, two bogeys. Really solid round in the wind. Won a match today 3&1 against a +2 who bombs it. Second round of our gross play championship. Moving on to semifinals which is at the end of the month.
  6. Two birdies today, both repeats, wind was blowing 20mph.
  7. Four birdies today and checked off #1 and #7. Three holes left with the rest of the month to go, best position I've been in to complete the challenge in a month.
  8. 73, -3 on the front and got sloppy when the wind picked up on the back. Made a huge birdie on 18 to win a double or nothing $70 press.
  9. No, handicaps but most of the guys are low single digits. The tall guy in the pic runs our Friday game and bombs it, like 330-340, he's a 1, other guy is a 2, played mlb for 14 years. Yeah just got invited into the thing a couple days ago, we basically defend it for as long as we can. Basically just about bragging rights.
  10. 72 yesterday, 72 today. Was challenged by a couple guys for the"Championship" Belt Match. We won 5&4. "Rules" below.
  11. Four birdies today, 3 repeats, checked off #18. Got 13/18 holes so far for the month.
  12. Four birdies today, three repeats and checked off #17. Won the skin on #8, 220 par-3 to a back right pin.
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