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  1. Guy has a gun in your face and is telling you to do X thing and you repeatedly refuse to do X thing and you don't think that's the least bit insane? No, this kid obviously thought there's no way he would be harmed or that the law has no teeth to punish him for his crime or that if he played his cards right he could come out of this as a millionaire via lawsuit. He was obviously fearless or crazy, so which is it?
  2. Oh yeah, went to Suicide Squad yesterday also, it wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. My only real criticism is I think Harley Quinn wasn't nearly as crazy as she should have been if it was supposed to be comic book level accurate. I gotta admit I haven't read the actual SS comic books but I've played some of the games with her character and she was always at least as crazy or crazier than the Joker but in this movie it seemed like she was lucid the vast majority of the time. Anyway, I thought it was a solid Par.
  3. I was being mostly facetious when I suggested shooting the guy and claiming he was going for a weapon. Watch the video though, the thief continues to walk away from the guy pointing a gun at him; that's how emboldened the criminals in this country have become. If a petty criminal would do this what do you think an actual lunatic would do? I see the cops running around on the news in military looking gear and screaming at people and it looks ridiculous and excessive (and it probably is) but I at least understand why they do it. I wouldn't begrudge the old man for doing what he did to get control of the situation in the video above but I agree his behavior after the thief was on the ground was completely uncalled for. I simply think when you have fearless criminals running around you have a serious problem.
  4. Are you suggesting the old guy had a history of threatening non-criminal people? What do his ailments matter if he's not hurting anyone? I think when someone decides to become a criminal they agree to whatever bad could possibly happen to them.
  5. Well obviously the age of the smartphone makes it harder to pull off but the point is criminals don't play by the rule of law so if you want to win a confrontation like this then you can't either.
  6. Shoot the guy and tell the cops he made a move for what looked like a weapon.
  7. Murderers steal time when they kill someone. Since property costs money and money takes time to acquire.. thieves, in my opinion, are simply lower level murderers. I've only had 1 thing stolen in my life that I can think of and it was because I was naive and left my car unlocked. It bothered me for weeks though and it has caused me to lump these people in with the worst criminals in the world.
  8. Too bad the old man didn't simply kill the punk. Yeah maybe that's harsh but I absolutely hate thieves.
  9. Watched some more stuff: Cowboys and Aliens - Par Midnight Special - Thanks to the dumb ending this gets a squeeker Par Repo Man - I want to give this stupid movie a double bogey so bad but I'm feeling generous so.. Bogey The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Par The Nice Guys - Par Trainwreck - Congratulations John Cena and Lebron James on being funnier than the actual comedian.. Bogey
  10. That's because people like to think that artsy bs is something special when it really isn't imo. That being said I think it had an amusing point with how people are labeled and then expected to pair up with similar individuals.
  11. I've noticed I just randomly forget how to swing the club while I'm playing and that usually results in a bad hole(s). It's pretty damn irritating. I probably just need to pay closer attention to what I'm doing is all.. which is hard to do when it's so damn nice outside.
  12. If these are 2 of the worst movies you've ever seen then you have some absolutely incredible luck in picking movies to watch imo.
  13. I watched the first season of Penny Dreadful on a recommendation and it was alright. Kinda heavy on the cryptic/poetry nonsense but I really liked the monster stuff. Not sure if I'll watch more of it since it's apparently been cancelled. Just finished the first season of Mr Robot too. It started off strong but by the end of the season I was completely sick of the hallucinating and anti-capitalism ranting. It was like christ give it a rest already. I get it. Move on. I probably won't watch anymore of it. Watched the first episode of Stranger Things yesterday and it looks interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the season. I plan on watching Preacher after the first full season is released. Like Penny Dreadful I think the supernatural angle will make it a fun show.
  14. Looks to me like you're talking about karma and not the legal system. That's fine but that's really not what this decision was about.
  15. Played kinda all over the place today, some horrific shots mixed with some solid ones. Last hole is a par 5 which I hit a decent drive on but the hole was still a couple hundred yards away and uphill. I thought screw it, gonna grab a 3 iron and experiment... wider than normal stance, took the club back further than normal and... smoked the ball dead straight to about 10 yards from the pin. Easily the best I've ever hit a 3 off the ground. It made me realize I'm probably hitting the longer irons (and maybe all irons) wrong so I'm looking forward to tinkering with this some more and seeing what's up.
  16. It's not a house, it's his third house. And from what I read his wife had a relative die recently and they inherited money which allowed them to buy the house. Personally, I don't care if the guy buys 100 houses but I do find it funny that the most prominent socialist in America is living like a king.
  17. The episode where the cops were initially interrogating this kid by himself in the school lounge or whatever was probably the most ridiculous police related thing I've ever seen. Seems like a good decision to me.
  18. Just become a scratch player and only play non-handicapped events. Easy peasy.
  19. Well, you've got a few inches and over 100 pounds on me and I probably hit the ball as far as you do (and straight) so if I were you, yeah, I'd find an instructor or at the very least watch some youtube videos and visit a driving range to practice what you watched.
  20. Hey socialist life is good until you run out of other people's money.
  21. Yeah I just went to Craters of the Moon, Grand Teton, and Yellowstone national parks about a month ago with my dad... they were packed with people on a Thursday. I thought these places would be mostly deserted but it turns out people really do go visit this stuff which is cool imo.
  22. The first tee is probably the most fearless I am the entire round because I have not yet started to play poorly. haha For real though, the better I play the more nervous I get because doubt starts to creep in...
  23. Only 30 games? They're 30 years old, may as well throw 1000 games on it.
  24. Yeah the times I've had it happen both me and the other guy paid full price for our carts and they wanted us to take 1 cart and not get half our cart fee back. Seemed like a bit of a scam but I've only run into it at one course and it wasn't often I got paired with another half cart.
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