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  1. If there is a market here at all, it is the hardcore gambler. Certain types will gamble on anything. Forget sponsors and forget the USGA. We are talking about guys willing to put up big chunks of their own money. These are guys that won't really give a crap about their amateur status. The really hard part is how you assure all these guys that the other guys are playing on a level and their HI is legitimate. Like I told the OP, security will be necessary.
  2. Geez. The strained feelings that still crop up from time to time in my Association's little events are bad enough. Top prize in anything we do equates to maybe $150 worth of pro shop credit. Still, every year people point fingers (sometimes correctly), get in shouting matches, in some cases quit entirely and in one case engage in a fist fight. You put together some big handicap tournament with lots of money at stake, better have security at the ready. You can count me out.
  3. We all certainly have our favorites. When they are in contention it makes the broadcast a must watch. However, it would be positively silly for a tournament broadcast to give a lot of coverage to somebody scuffling to make a few bucks just because they are a big name. Yesterday's favorites live on in our memories. Just as today's best deserve to in the future.
  4. I've always used an odd assortment of use clubs. Most I've bought second hand. I was given a bag of clubs by someone whose boyfriend left them behind. A couple of clubs were actually purchased new. So, the composition of the bag has changed a few times over the years. Most of the actual selection differences relate to the big clubs off the floor. The bag that was given to me had a couple of older Wilson hybrids. I wasted a month or so trying to hit those before I went back to hitting the 5W primarily in similar situations. Just could never keep from pushing those hybrids for some reason. For brief periods of time, I've also tried to hit a 3W. The rare occasions I've really flushed one are memories that die hard, but eventually the 3W comes back out of the bag after I decide I'm much better off sticking with 5W.
  5. What you've got to do is cut the hamstring on the back of his leg right at the bottom. He'll never play golf again, because his weight displacement goes back, all his weight is on his right foot, and he'll push everything off to the right. He'll never come through on anything. He'll quit the game.
  6. Huh? Did you somehow not notice how warm it was this weekend? Damn near 50 degrees and sunny! I played Saturday and would have played Sunday if it were not this particular time of the year. Actually really should have taken the Sunday off.
  7. Be nice. People can dream big and that was what @dagolfer18 was surely doing. When you are young you should have big dreams. The realities of work and age come fast enough as it is.
  8. Probably most of you know a lot more about the courses than I do, but ... Aren't Olympia Fields, Muirfield Village, Colonial, Sawgrass and Kapalua well thought of. Maybe I just think so because I hear so much about them.
  9. I wish. We used to go down there almost every year for a week. That stopped happening a few years ago for a couple of reasons. OBX isn't the golf mecca some places down that way are, but there are some decent courses to choose from. Nags Head is beautiful. Currituck Club is also pretty good. My favorites, as a high-capper, are Carolina Club and The Pointe. The only real goal track down there that I've been to is Holly Ridge. Kilmarlic is one I've wanted to play but never did because the prices were just too high.
  10. I know a lot of people that do all those sort of things on the course, but most of them don't keep a handicap or play in direct competition with people who do. Some of my buddies will talk about their scores and I let them. They know deep down that they'd be adding five penalty strokes per round if they played by the rules, but they don't care. Out of my association guys, who are required to play by the rules of golf, I don't seem much of that. ... Our bigger issue is sandbagging and guys "forgetting" to post their lower scores.
  11. You don't post solo rounds. You also don't take mulligans and gimmes or roll the ball. That's the rules Nothing stops you and your buddies from playing within the rules during a casual round. If you choose to follow an alternative set of rules, you are no longer playing the same game and obviously shouldn't post it.
  12. I dunno. Seems like anytime I find a nice, shiny ProV1 that sumabitch is going Red October immediately.
  13. You and Koepka both. Those poor-bastard pros would be green with envy if they saw the magnificence that I get to play on regularly
  14. The big problem with this question is to conceive of what things would be like without a PGA Tour or its equivalent. Is it not reasonable to think that demand created the PGA Tour rather than the PGA Tour creating demand? To not have the PGA Tour or something much like it, would be to say that there was no demand for its creation. If there were no demand, isn't it reasonable to think that golf as a whole would be a much more marginal sport?
  15. Weather guessers have us dead on 50 degrees Sunday and 47 Saturday. But Saturday is going to be sunny. I get one day this week.
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