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  1. Thanks. Social is a chore for me, but I got a bit of a head start. There's a couple of chaps I've played with out there and the pro and his assistant know me. It was a big plus for Miami Shores that the pro makes a legitimate effort to match up singles.
  2. Even the beater two-wheeled rentals I used to use beat carrying in my opinion, but getting a decent four-wheel job was a major improvement. I love hitting a decent tee shot and being able to use a slope to let my cart run downhill in front of me. For at least 40 or 50 yards I can walk like a big shot, not carrying or pushing a thing.
  3. Thank you. By all means, if you want to exorcise the demons from your previous visit, let me know.
  4. Stopped by Miami Shores GC, Troy, OH yesterday evening, filled out the form and paid the money and now have my shiny yellow membership card. Once reassured that most of my money will be refunded by Dayton, Miami Shores was an obvious choice for all the reasons in my previous post, but I really did consider my options thoroughly. The thought of simply bouncing around to various courses instead seemed like a good idea for a moment. Playing new courses or ones I haven't seen in years sounded adventurous. The reality of it, as a solo player, dispelled a lot of that. I did manage to get out to a few places. I saw Rocky Lakes Golf Course for the first time and played Windy Knolls for the first time in a long time. I also found a lot of jammed-pack parking lots and full tee sheets. Getting on courses as a single this year hasn't been easy. At heart, I'm a homebody. I love the familiar. The odd visit to a place is nice, but I want a home course. A canvassing of the various courses and there membership offerings confirmed that every other option was both more expensive and more distant. Sugar Isle and Homestead aren't far away and are nice enough courses, but they aren't nice enough to beat Miami Shores. There are actually some half decent deals at the higher-end public courses south of Dayton, but again, too far and too much. Now comes the tougher part for a somewhat anti-social type. When can I play and who can I play with? I guess it will just take some time. Miami Shores doesn't have a men's association like we did at Kittyhawk. Those automatic 9 a.m. tee times on Saturday and Sunday were pretty handy. It occurs to me that I might need to be a bit more flexible if I'm going to get my rounds in. Perhaps, I should try playing 9 holes after work. Normally, it ought to be possible to get on the course by 6 and be done within a hour-and-a-half. With the course so close, I'd arrive at home by 8. Any how, I've got my new home. Now its time to start breaking it in.
  5. First of all, screw hills. For me, its the pull cart every time. In my golfing infancy, my friend and I mostly rode the cart. Quickly realizing how expensive that was, I walked when playing alone. It was only a couple of rounds of that before I gave the rental trolley a try and I've never gone back to carrying.
  6. Community still has a men's association doesn't it? If it works anything like KHMA did, the ghin is part of that. You can become official.
  7. Those car loans can kick your butt. There is no denying that Kittyhawk had more than its share of divots. That said, at the moment, Kittyhawk is surely one of the nicest pieces of abandoned property in the entire City of Dayton.
  8. You're right. After the shot and definitely not before. My guess is the friend of a friend is a newb and just doesn't know any better. @dagolfer18, tell your friend to keep his other friend on a tighter leash next time and school him up a bit.
  9. Oh yes, @CarlSpackler, man of champagne wishes, caviar dreams and a public course budget. Well, get yourself into Miami Valley where they've never heard of a divot and bring us along. We can see how the other half live. Can't say I'm that well traveled, but I don't think our public courses are all that worse on average than public courses anywhere.
  10. Was he second-guessing you or was he merely interested in your reasoning? During a casual round, some guys like to pick the brain of the guys they are playing with and learn something. If a round means nothing in particular, I'll ask guys what they hit on a particular shot. Normally I wouldn't bother with the commentary.
  11. Can't say I count such things, but its got to be more than three per year for me. I'm usually 75-85 rounds per year and, yes, I play munis. Some divots are worse than others, but I'd think I land in one at least once every 5 or 6 rounds. Like @Darkfrog said, some lies can be worse than a divot. A ball in the front of a big one at least has the back of the ball pretty well exposed. It's something you can at least advance.
  12. That's a classic Hills problem that I have from the whites with my lack of distance. ... I've been messing around with some set-up stuff to take the big miss to the right out of play. It still isn't going far, but I've been keeping more drives on the property anyway. Guess it will be a test.
  13. I get to do a little sample of this very thing this weekend with a quota game. Over the years I've probably played this particular course (Community Hills, Dayton, OH) a dozen times and its always been from the white tees at 5,877. For the quota game, however, I'll have to play from the blues at 6,304. I know that still sounds short, but the course isn't particularly easy for someone at my level. Since yupping myself into this, I've been trying to picture the holes and the types of shots I'll need. @Bonvivant, what sort of differential have you experienced between white and blue or do you just always play blue anyway?
  14. Well the current weather guess sounds good, if a little warm, for Saturday. Hope this rain stops soon so the place isn't a total bog. Cart path only on a course I've got to ride, sounds lousy.
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