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  1. Its always the SW for me, unless I'm seriously short-sided in which case I might use my 60-degree. I'll just adjust my stance to hit the pitch or chip shot. Lately, I've been trying to hit a flop shot with it and have occasionally been successful. Periodically, I'll mess around with lower-lofted clubs in practice, but they never feel comfortable and I can't trust them in a round.
  2. Generally speaking, I'll go up to the shortest set of tees that could still be considered "manly" and then move up one. In all seriousness, I'll look for around 6,000 yards most of the time. Never really have paid a lot of attention to ratings and slopes, but I do sort of know which courses are the mean ones and try to avoid them.
  3. Mid 50s in Ohio Thursday and Friday if you believe those guys. The advanced forecast rather badly screwed the pooch last week however. The home course is generally open until New Year's and we got a handful of other courses that will operate year round if the ground isn't frozen. I love the elbow room out there when it's just cold enough to chase away the squares.
  4. Bunkers are totally overrated.
  5. Must be older than you. We played Tecmo Bowl at Bowling Green. Had it occurred to me to play golf at that age, I probably could have managed a round a day finances permitting. My beloved alma matter wasn't the most rigorous of schools.
  6. The bit about being a slob does ring pretty true. I generally avoid white clothes. But. ... I'm not secure enough in my masculinity to wear a white belt. More power to those that are. Hopefully, those guys are also wearing tassels on their golf shoes.
  7. If you are living near the San Jose State main campus, you probably can't do much cheaper than Rancho del Pueblo. I don't care who you are, $15 and $17 greens fees are about as low as it gets. Six minutes from campus. Rates & Fees Rancho Del Pueblo Golf - San Jose, CA
  8. Unless a course happens to be located very near a college campus, I don't think it would see enough interest to make a thing like that worth their while. For the courses that are near college students, it might make sense depending on the situation. As the other guys mentioned, full tee sheets would not make any course operator discount greens fees. However, if the course is struggling, it might make sense. Could be wrong, but don't most college-owned courses (and there are a fair number) offer their own students a significant discount. The now-shut Forest Creason at Bowling Green State Univ. offered discounts many years before I ever thought to play golf. FYI, rate structure at the Ohio State University courses: Green Fees Scarlet Gray Twilight Scarlet* Twilight Gray* OSU Students $35 $25 $30 $20 Faculty/Staff $65 $40 $35 $25 Affiliates/Guests $80 $50 $40 $30 *Twilight rates apply only after 4 pm.
  9. Well he's back here in Ohio now and loving every second of it. The thermal underwear comes out when the temperatures drop in the 60s. You can be sure there will be real tears in his eyes when we get our first dusting of snow.
  10. One of the differences between my old home courses and my new club is the range. The old range was actually one of Kittyhawk's better features. The place was huge and we had standard issue (if clearly used) golf balls to hit. There was no significant difference in distance. My new range at Miami Shores has much nicer turf but is smaller. A big hitter would put normal balls in the corn, so they use the limited flight balls. Threw me for a loop early on, but I've gotten used to it.
  11. Wow. No beer after the round? Now that's seriously pissed off. My emotions can get the better of me on the course, but as soon as the clubs are in the trunk, I always down for the old 19th hole. Sometimes its the only hole I get right all day.
  12. Much the same down here. My buddies had a 2:30 tee time, but I told them yesterday that if the winds were over 25 MPH, I wasn't going anywhere. Weather guessers sound optimistic about the end of the week.
  13. The grip-it and rip-it approach I've employed the last few weeks has had some interesting results. Last week, I hit my first ever 300-yard drive. Had a couple more drives that were pretty good Saturday at Miami Shores. Probably the best was on No. 17. It's 299 yards from the tees I was playing (yes I'm playing the senior tees) and my second shot was probably about 20 yards from the center of the green. A 280 yard drive is still very novel feeling for me.
  14. For golfers in general, it runs the gamut. Some are happy for a day out and others grind over everything. I think the population of this particular forum runs towards those seeking to improve, so you have a bit less here of the jokes and what-not that you and your buddies enjoy on the course. Maybe I'm more like you. I try to do the best I can, but I'm dealing with a seriously short deck from an ability standpoint. I got to keep my expectations in check and enjoy the game the best I can. . There isn't a wrong approach.
  15. It would seem like an odd thing to me that certain members would actually register for their friends. It never would have occurred to me to register for anyone other than myself. Still it would seem you club must have too many members if there is this sort of difficulty getting into competitions. Maybe the solution is to join a different club.
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