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  1. Between rain squalls I stepped out back and worked on my 3 wood swing, and pitching wedge. Took about ten swings with my 3 then chipped back and forth with my wedge a few times. Went back and forth a few times until the rain came then went back inside until the next break where I went back out and repeated my drills. It happens in the spring sometimes. Aloha, iSank
  2. Day 3 April 3rd, got home threw on the golf shirt and was headed up to the course next door then I realized the fairways are all torn up and the range was closed so I chipped across the back yard for several turns and then bumped and ran it many more times. Focus was on good contact, center of club, and getting the balls closely landing together. Aloha, iSank
  3. 4/2 Day 2 monsoon conditions outside so I putt across the living for 10 min working on square contact and hitting the ball with the center of the club face. Then I grabbed my wedges and tried to keep bouncing the ball in the air. Almost broke the cable box and still cannot find 1 of the balls. But did improve, will it help my hand eye coordination to result in better contact? I don’t know. Aloha, iSank
  4. OK, looking forward to a few games coming up so I find I do a lot better when I practice, and I practice more consistently when I report here. So for April 1 I walked 9holes with my focus being hitting the greens in regulation. That I got to drive and putt was icing on the cake. Aloha, iSank
  5. Kinda sad, as it was pretty cool to see that visible connection to the past. Especially since there are two St Andrews links souvenir shops nearby, three if you want to count the New Course shop. Thats it! ?On my next visit i’ll Stay in Dornach! Aloha, iSank
  6. Just secured 3 days in April at Kapalua. It’s on a different Island & I’m bringing my clubs so it is a golf trip. Plantation day 1, Bay Course day 2 and plantation on day 3, we leave the next morning. We are big fans of the Outrigger Villas, the places we stay at are priced reasonably, and are huge. Have fun!
  7. Aloha Esteemed Peers of the Hollowed Sandtrap, Wife (#1 Golf partner) and I are going to be in San Diego this summer for around 5 days. We will likely not get back there for awhile. Then if so is the Lodge at Torrey Pines the place to stay? I also saw a Fairmont that had a Fazio designed course but I think I also saw they demand $250 a round? Wouldn’t mind playing 3 games in 5 days. Are there other golf centric resorts to be considered in the area? Any thoughts between the Lodge or Fairmont? Thank you for any local knowledge. I have a cousin that is a nurse in SD but she don’t golf. Mahalo, iSank
  8. When I did it, I did read it, seeing if there was a drill or something that I could adopt. I’ve been meaning to get back on it as I played my best golf last November/December and am gearing up to get back to Kapalua. I do desire to play those 2 courses well. Aloha, iSank
  9. I have a close friend that works deals with whatever station broadcasts the tourney so that’s his weekend, he goes every year, gets his tickets from the broadcasters, so I keep saying to him, one of these years, but so far I haven’t. It’s not an easy commute for me. The good news is I’ve scored a few dozen golf balls, because they give him some every year and he never uses them. So I’ve sprayed ESPN logo balls all across my travels. Well I’m not that bad but I have lost a few. Aloha, iSank
  10. Looking at the ship, I would pass. We did 3 weeks on land and didn’t hit all those, but we played where we wanted. When Crystal visits Edinburgh it’s during the summer tattoo, it’s a big deal amount Crystal regulars. Since it’s at night, you can alwaysgolf nearby. Have Fun!
  11. Shipping service quoted us around $240 1 way Honolulu to Edinburgh, the airline charged us nothing so we combined 2 sets into 1 bag, and bought an inexpensive bag upon arrival and just donated it when we left. With all the heads off the metals the irons fit pretty easily.
  12. Having worked on the ocean for 20 years I really enjoy having my feet up and relaxing while on the Big Blue. My old company was a vendor for Crystal so we had been able to enjoy very good prices, like $4k total for 2 weeks in the Med. Also we wait for the deals because we prefer Seaborn or Crystal. Right now we are keeping our eye on Australia/New Zealand and yes we will bring our own clubs. Have Fun
  13. We did a NYC to Dover, a couple years ago. There was an LPGA pro who did daily lessons, plus set up a group tee time in Ireland. There was around 20 of us each day, with 2 practice cages, plus a putting green. It was US Open week and she got the ship to show the Sunday round live on the big screen in the theater. Plus we arranged rounds in Bar Harbor, Iceland and a couple in Scotland after the cruise. The ship had decent Taylor Made clubs that we borrowed for each game. We could have golfed more but did a few other things in some ports. Have Fun!
  14. Agreed @georgep I’ve been to the range 3xs since I got mine last week. It’s interesting to see good #’s with a good looking hit, and what numbers stick out when I make a bad shot. The bugga is tiny, easily fits in my pocket, and I am thinking of bringing it with me if I play tomorrow morning. Here’s to improvements!
  15. Well Happy Valentine’s Day! What “price of Paradise”? The usps over achieved here and one Mevo in my mailbox today. I appreciate the ball marker and the quick delivery Thank You Erik!
  16. Right on! Just finished 23 holes today & may have to cancel my Thursday twilight if this arrives so I can hit the range. mahalo @iacas!
  17. Ten Mevos are on their way to me. Copy and paste this list and add your name (in @mention form please) to the list where there's an "open" listed. local sale @saevel25 @iSank open open open open open open open
  18. Dangest thing, I am a lifelong slicer which since I’ve gotten a little more focused with the sport now am 37% left, 37% fairway, and 26% right off the tee. Love the things I learn fro game golf!
  19. Well, I’m not too familiar with the road but it looks like in Greenville there’s 36 holes of the RTJ. Let us know if it’s worth the trip south! Here’s the guide for all their courses. or rather the link to where I got the guide https://www.rtjgolf.com/trailguide/ have fun! .
  20. I liked the look, except was there a button missing? Living in Hawaii I can and do wear an Aloha daily for work and chilling at home but when I went back and looked for golf foto’s I found none wearing one. So I’ll check out what they are offering....after all, I still have puma like reflexes on 2 wheels. Missed todays coverage b/c I was out golfing! Love the 1st, 8th, 17 & 18 on this course. Aloha, iSank
  21. I think I qualify, my wife asked me if I wanted anything and I said no I’m good. Callaway Big Bertha irons, B.B. driver, the Callaway green (edge?) 3 metal, 56 degree callaway wedge, and same brand putter. Plus I have a Golden Bear 52 degree wedge, that’s the goods. My score is on me, love the clubs!
  22. Great idea and plan! Was there a couple months ago, The Carolina does have a nice spa, plus they have a breakfast and dinner package but there’s not many, if any cheap ways to get on #2. We also enjoyed many other PH courses especially #8. We stayed at the Holly but there was more happening at the Carolina. Have fun!
  23. I’ve used them, and am happy, will use them again. They frequently have emailed discounts so you save a few bucks, plus dang it’s easy. We dropped them off at the Carolina in Pinehurst and in a few days they were at a friends place in Alabama. Not the same distance but sure there’s a trust issue, but we were content.
  24. Ok so Friday AM was free so let’s get one more round in... it was bit chilly and foggy but we had a good challenge and much fun. The course was Cherokee Run and it was in December shape. And a big Salute to my wife, she was all bundled up and still aiming for a birdee.
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