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  1. If so, any feedback? Elsewhere there are discussions and claims of a club or club and a half increase in distance vs kbs tours, DG, and project X shafts with lower, penetrating ball flight due to less spin.
  2. I'm pretty sure a pga tour pro can put a good swing on my clubs without having them fitted for him. Not even just a pga pro, but a good golf teacher even could probably pick up any of his studen'ts clubs and still get the ball out there nicely. Is it optimum? No, but i'm sure he can still kick my butt on the course with my own clubs not fitted for him, or even my gf's clubs which are even more not fitted for him.
  3. Wait, let me guess, you're one of them "guys" that consistently drives the ball over 300 yards right? :) But in all seriousness, when you break a driver, what happens? Does the head fly off endangering those around you or is it just a crack that develops but no separation of parts? Just curious since it has never happened to me and i haven't seen it either ever on the course or the range.
  4. Hi all, I usually hit draws, however at the range i've noticed that even when there isn't any draw on my shot, i.e. relatively straight ball flight (to my eye), when the ball lands, it really peels off from right to left (i'm right handed). This happens a lot on the range, however, doesn't seem to happen on the course, so i'm not going to get to concerned about it but am extremely curious as to why this happens. Is it the crap range balls that help facilitate this? Is it possible to get that much excessive side spin when the ball lands whereas the actual ball flight is pretty straigh
  5. Alot of rain this Saturday and was told that the class would most likely be held indoors with powerpoint presentations and such so I decided to wait to take a future class where it could be outside on an actual green and hands on. So disappointed, and can't wait until I have a new date for the clinic :(
  6. I will be attending a Lvl 1 Fundamentals clinic this Saturday and I can't wait. Putting has always been a struggle for me, and i'm planning on really improving in this area this season. Of course, one of the biggest problems that I have is reading certain greens, what good is it to be able to putt where you want to if you can't properly read the greens? So i'm really looking forward to this and I will try and post back some feedback next week.
  7. I was a bit surprised though when Kevin asks his caddy after finding that second tee shot in the woods, he asks his caddy what are the chances of me getting out of here, and the caddy instead of saying zero, says 50-50. First of all Kevin had a brain fart for thinking he was going to somehow get the ball out of that spot without a few strokes at best, second of all, the caddy if he felt so strongly that kevin should go back to hit another teeshot, then he should have answered kevin with a "no chance" whatsoever. ultimately the blame rests with the player though.
  8. Yes same grip, i specifically wanted the exact same setup because it felt so great hitting with that demo club, so the grip is the standard golf pride m-21 grip made specifically for mizuno. Also, the shafts that I tried were the standard (white at the end of grip) shafts. I am 100% sure because I helped the guy find the shaft that I wanted to try out. maybe it's my head playing tricks on me or i just happened to have played too many consecutive days when i received them and put them into play? I haven't picked up my clubs since monday to rest, and i guess will give it another go tomo
  9. the demo club I am referring to is from their fitting cart, where they can unscrew and screw in different shafts to the club head easily. I'm wondering if the fitting cart 6i is a tad bit different (not a fixed shaft, but removable shafts) accounting for the different feel from the actual production 6i?
  10. Hopefully this is not a strange question, but i've been looking to go from my mp-62 to full blade mp-68's and using the mizuno demo club (6i) i played around with the DG, PX, and KBS shafts. I found the KBS shafts the "smoothest" feeling for my swing out of the bunch. My mp-62's that I have had for almost 2 years had DG s300 shafts, and I never really got a good feel for the shaft, and sometimes i would get a higher than "normal" ball flight. I know that the KBS tour shafts are supposed to launch higher with more spin, as opposed to the DG more "penetrating" ball flight, but I found that th
  11. Resurrecting an old thread for an upcoming product that I would love to get my hands on. No new update on their site since Jan.................anyone heard anything about when this goes to market? Hopefully, they're still in it, and haven't scrapped the project.
  12. Yes, try the new VR Pro blades. I tried them at a Nike demo day this past weekend at my local range, and as a Mizuno guy, I was awfully tempted to make the switch.
  13. Thanks Erik. That's the answer that I was hoping for. 2 years ago, I had a horrible "flipping" motion, i got "average" distance for a guy my age (average only because i was a gym fanatic and would just muscle the ball into the air), but the ball flight was high and the ball had no "life" to it. It wasn't until i started taking lessons last season, that one day, i literally had the ball just "pop" off the club face and the sound was ohhhhh so different, and the ball flight was ohhh so different and my teacher almost cried with joy, okay well maybe not him, but me. Since then i've been worki
  14. Thanks. @Tourspoon, I have hit those "pure" shots where you literally feel the ball squish and just take off with almost no effort. I was just wondering if that's an absolute sign of forward leaning shaft at impact.................
  15. I'm asking because i've fought flipping in the past and without video taping every single swing, the only real feedback that i have is based on the feel i get when i impact the ball well and feel the ball compress and watch it "pop" off the club face with some zip, as well as the nice ball flight. Is it possible to get that compression and nice ball flight while still flipping the club? Or even chicken winging towards the finish?
  16. I can believe it. When watching pros playing on tv, the majority of the time the commentators will remark that player xyz plays a draw as his natural shot shape. The shot tracker thing as well usually shows a right to left (assuming right handed golfer) ball flight as well for a lot the shots being highlighted. I hardly ever hear fade mentioned as their natural shot shape. Additionally, as Erik mentioned, swinging from the inside prior to impact would promote that draw.
  17. Is it possible to be a 10 handicapper if you say that 87 is your lowest round ever?
  18. I read most of the first page but not the others, but I too don't understand the disdain towards singles being expressed on this thread. If a course lets a single on the course on a non busy day, then so what? That happens to me on non busy days, but on days where the course is busy, i get put into another group. Not such a big deal so long as the single adheres to course etiquette. Why the heck would it or should it bother you haters? Okay, with that out of the way. I am curious.........the OP thought the group in front of him were a bunch of "a-holes" for not proactively waving hi
  19. As an avid skier as well as one who likes to be out climbing mountains during the winter , I use a buff as well. It's actually an extremely versatile piece of gear, and I consider it as one of my "essentials" when in the mountains or the back country. As for golf, I never used one on the course. when I saw Kaymer with that thing around his neck, I thought that it was a buff, but wasn't sure. Very interesting to see someone use one of those on the course.
  20. Me, personally, I would want distance to the front edge of the green with the caveat that you have the numbers for the depth and width of the green somewhere so that depending on the pin placement I can simply add X number of yards to the front of green number. I just think that the mathematically challenged (myself included) can add much with less effort then subtract (from a center of the green figure for pin placements towards the front).
  21. Erik, I've seen in countless posts on this forum, references to shaft plane, elbow plane, and shoulder plane. You mention here that you prefer that you be on the elbow plane? The question that I have is for a "traditional" two plane swing, is there a "recommended" plane that one should be on during the backswing and downswing? Thanks.
  22. Dustin johnson shot an 82 at Pebble Beach. Can happen to even the best of 'em.
  23. David Glenz academy over by Black Bear Golf course (part of crystal springs courses). They offer private lessons as well as short game group "schools".
  24. It seems like you are still missing the point though you acknowledge the point in your most recent post. The point being there is no right or wrong, yet the tone of your posts suggest you believe multiple clubs is the "right" way and therefore anything else, i.e. single club is the "wrong" way. I refer to your comment about "NEVER" use a single club to highlight your attitude throughout your posts that I believe people have been taking exception to. We all are looking to simplify our golf games to some extent and to some, that simplicity is found in working on being the master of one (i.e. si
  25. You sir should be banned from golf
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