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  1. The same can be said for golf. My daughter took up figure skating, between lessons, skates, clothing and ice time it was just as expensive, if not more than golf. Ice hockey is also very popular here and the cost of that is even higher.
  2. US DUI / DWI limits basically allow for 1 drink per hour, I have no idea how that compares to where you live. I would not want the limits increased for the holidays, I'd actually like to see them lowered to reduce the number of tragedies during the holidays. In the US you don't typically get pulled over unless you're driving erratically, in which case you're either a lousy driver or beyond a "pint" over the legal limits. In either case I don't want you on the roads with my family.
  3. Tiger still struggling on Sundays, has to be mental fatigue from not playing at this level of intensity four days in a row.
  4. I tend to get too fast on the backswing at times, especially when I'm fatigued so I use the pause at the top on the range and when i feel I'm too fast.
  5. Looks like I'm done for 2016, weather doesn't appear to be warming up any time soon and most of my playing partners have already headed south. I was hoping for a 2015 December but that doesn't appear to be happening.
  6. Matsuyama is playing great but I don't care for his swing, I don't mean this as a stereotypical statement but it reminds me of a samurai swordsmen, from the pause at the top to the very deliberate and cutting type swing motion.
  7. Has to be Tiger is getting fatigued unless the wind on the back 9 is a lot worse than the front. On the shot he put into the water at 18, he seemed to be choking down on the club a lot and I said to myself that there's no way he's hitting that as far as he needs.
  8. Probably went fishing on the same boat Sneds went on yesterday
  9. They just discussed Tiger going back to the putter he used for the majority of his Majors and how he switched back as soon as he could. Doesn't say much for the quality of Nike putters since Rory and Tiger switched as quickly as they could.
  10. Pro's 3 putt too, Spieth did it yesterday. Tiger is playing great so we're getting to the point where Tiger's layoff can't be blamed for everything that he does wrong. Let's just say he's back and move on from the layoff.
  11. What's nice about watching this tournament is the absence of "In The Hole", "BabaBooey", "Mashed Potatoes" and all the other stupid things fans yell at golf tournaments.
  12. They said the course wasn't playing very difficult today because it was designed with the wind in mind and the wind was minimal today. 65 is 65 so I'm happy to see Tiger score so well.
  13. I agree, he could be the 3rd on the final group.
  14. That is the biggest barrier to golf, exposure. Kids can play football, stickball, hockey, soccer and basketball in their yard and street (though I hardly ever see kids play outside anymore). They all learn and progress together with some influence from parents but it's not necessary. I taught myself how to throw a baseball and football and to play hockey. Golf can be introduced to children with a Fisher Price set but to really learn how to play you need to go to a range which typically requires a parent (unless you live on a golf course). Parents of school age children have either not taken up golf yet or play it infrequently and use any available time they do have to play golf as an escape for some "me time" which doesn't include the kids. By the time the kids are older and the parents have more free time to play golf with their kids most kids haven't gained an interest in golf. It seems grandparents today are the people influencing their grandchildren to play golf. I see at my local range grandparents taking their grandchildren to the range and teaching them how to play. I do see some parents too but with much lesser frequency.
  15. I think golf is thought to be elitist because that is how it's portrayed in most movies. The stereotypical country club snob is usually cast as the antagonist and the protagonist is usually the regular guy who must overcome the snobs. Yes if you have to go out and buy that all new it can cost a bit but... How many people do you know that have golf clubs lying around collecting dust. You can go to a yard sale and pick up a cheap set for $10 or go online and spend $100. I see golf shoes all the time for less than $50, this compared to the $100+ basket ball shoes I see kids wear is hardly expensive and if they hard to, they could wear their sneakers at a muni course. Golf balls are $12 for 24 MaxFli or RAM golf balls isn't going to break anyones bank account. Green fees can be expensive depending on where you live, but no one should be worrying about green fees until they spend a lot of time on the range.
  16. Reed had a tough day too. When your playing partners are struggling it can get into your head as well, though I'd expect pro's are more immune to this than amateurs.
  17. Now he is, when I posted it he was T9 and if he didn't make that par putt he'd have been below.
  18. Longer he goes, the more the flaws in his game will show themselves. He's right at the over-under line now.
  19. At 12 we bought our kids a disposable phone, nothing fancy, but there in case they needed to reach us in an emergency. The deal was if at 13 they acted responsibly and didn't lose the phone we'd buy them a smart phone. We also placed restrictions, no phones at the table and no phones during family time and events. We required passwords to all of their social media accounts and had a long sit down discussion about how doing stupid things in social media can impact them later in life, like getting into college and a job. At 17 and 20 all restrictions have been lifted for a few years and to my knowledge they haven't done anything stupid within social media that would reflect poorly on them today.
  20. There shouldn't be a conflict between living life to the full and being a conscientious person. No one expects you to sell your car and walk or ride a bike everywhere. You don't have to go to bed cold, not use electricity, heat, air conditioning or water. It's simpler things, don't be lazy and pollute, hold your garbage until you can throw it in a trash can. Recycle bottles, cans, papers rather than throw them into land fills. Don't pour things down your sink or into lakes that could be harmful. Conserve when practical. If everyone did some very basic things that don't impact the quality of their life much if at all it would be a healthier planet.
  21. Do you watch other professional sports like NFL Football or NBA Basketball? Almost every game I watch the color commentator takes issues with how the rules are written and interpreted. Most of the NFL rules are subjective, was it pass interference or was the defender going for the ball, or did their feet entangle by accident or was it intentional. In the NBA there's always complaints about how fouls are called, whether they call the game tight or loose. In golf, it's not subjective, the ball is OB or not, the lie is unplayable or not. Even in the case of a ball moving on the green there is an attempt to objectively determine the likelihood of the cause. The RoG are written in plain english, the decisions are even more readable so I'm not sure how much plainer it can be and still be formalized sufficiently to qualify as rules. Miller, Faldo and the other commentators usually do a pretty good job of explaining a ruling but in order to fully understand some of the more involved rulings you may require a basic understanding of golf terms and rules. Have you ever watched a football game with someone who never watched or played football, they don't know what pass interference is or how that differs from defensive holding. Offsides in US football is completely different than other sports and let's not even get into why some penalties that occur during the point after TD attempt get assessed on the kickoff or what constitutes a legal formation.
  22. Only had one incident in NJ where the group behind us hit into our group twice and it was clearly intentional. I waited for them to drive up to our tee box and politely but firmly told them that I didn't appreciate being hit into and that the next time they did I'd pocket their golf balls and they could come talk to me about getting them back. One of the guys was about to spout off but the others apologized and said they were just going to skip ahead a few holes and come back and play these holes later. We didn't see them the rest of the afternoon.
  23. Nike did not have a history of making great clubs, they signed Tiger and got into the club making business, trying to play catch up with all the big manufacturers who had a head start. Wilson has a long history of making golf clubs and they are better received outside of the US and working hard to regain their popularity here, which is likely why they paid for the Driver vs Driver show. Whether you liked the show or not, it put the Wilson name in front of more golfers than any other medium could, the question is does the hype translate into sales.
  24. Changing grips can alter the swing weight of the club. You could look up the weight of your existing grips and compare them to the weight of the grips you want to install if the difference is minimal it shouldn't change the clubs swing weight. Another option to consider is to try the Bionic line of gloves designed for those with arthritis. I know a few people use them and feel they help greatly. Here is the link; http://www.bionicgloves.com/product/3277
  25. I'll take the under, no one is in top form at this point of the season and Tiger has probably logged more range/practice hours in the last 30 days than any of the others.
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