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Where do you play!?!?!?! Show us your course!

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I just wanted to take a moment and see if everyone can go to the courses tab and create their home course and maybe a few that you have played? I think this is an awesome tool for the golfers who are looking to vacation in different areas and are looking for a place to play. Write a quick review and maybe upload some photos. In only takes a few minutes, and who is actually working this week anyways! I have created a few in my signature if you want something to look at for reference.



Here is the How-To



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In Massachusetts I play Cranberry Valley on Cape Cod. A nice town owned public course. Superbly maintained. The customer service can be a little stuffy at times. The restaurant folks are very nice though.


When in Florida I play at Sandridge golf course in Indian River County. A county owned course beautifully maintained and the staff provide that southern hospitality that you here about and the cranky New England Yankees need to take lessons from. Also play Fairwinds golf course in Ft Pierce Fl. Very nice some times the greens have problems sometimes there fine. Again very nice personnel very friendly.

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Check this thread out. It hasn't been bumped in over a year. 


Your Home Course Website

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This is the course I play most often:  http://oldsouthgolf.com/


But this is probably my favorite that I have played so far: http://www.golfhiltonheadnational.com/sites/courses/layout.asp?id=446&page=13501

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Here are my favorite public tracks in Cincinnati/Northern KY area...


1. Stonelick Hills...by far the best course in the entire tristate area. http://www.stonelickhills.com/


2. Lassing Pointe...the website doesn't do  the course justice. #18 has a 101 yard green...completely different hole one day to the next. Awesome place to play. http://www.boonecountygolf.com/


3. Legnedary Run...designed from classic holes around the world. Had some green issues last year, as did many courses in the area. http://www.legendaryrungolf.com/


4. Shaker Run...absolutely great course (27 holes), however, the greens were in horrible shape in early April. They are under new management so hopefully things will turn around. If it does I put this course right behind Stonelick Hills. http://www.cincigolf.com/shakerrungolfcourse.htm

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I'll be Playing at Sugar Creek Country Club in High Ridge, MO>

Got gifted a membership



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I have three to offer the forum.



1. Locally it's Amana Colonies Golf Course in Amana, Iowa. http://www.amanagolfcourse.com/


2. In Texas where I live part of the year it's Timber Creek G.C. http://www.timbercreekgolfclub.com/golf/proto/timbercreekgc/


3. My 'permanent' home course is in Virginia and is Quantico MCB Medal of Honor Golf Course, http://www.quantico.usmc-mccs.org/Golf/index.cfm

which I've played off and on since 1970. I know that course well enough to describe nearly every tree, stream, and bush that I had to encounter from playing it so often over the years. My only hole in one was made there in 1972 on its #4 hole, which I proudly depict in my avatar.



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My favorite golf courses are:

In Nevada:










So love to go back sometime e3_rolleyes.gif

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I play at Muskoka Bay Club in Gravenhurst, ON. Muskoka is located just two hours north of Toronto, ON.  Muskoka has been a vacation area of choice in Ontario for over 100 years.  This area is famous for it's vibrant natural beauty that consists of pristine lakes surrounded by rocky shorelines and majestic forest. First class resorts, artisans shops and visitor attractions complement the heritage landscape and growing communities.  One thing Muskoka is really well known for in addition to cottage life is GOLF! Amazing golf with an amazing view. I live and work in Muskoka every summer, I love it so much I can't get enough. The golf is unbelievable. My favorite course to play is Muskoka Bay Club, absolutely beautiful. Muskoka Bay Club offers pristine lakes, towering forests, crystal clean air, and a vitality that sweeps through the trees and makes its way into your soul. The resort is a  four season community with an abundance of recreational and social activities, and is known for it's incredible 17,000 square foot Clifftop Clubhouse. It is a definitive recreational and social centre-a place to play and relax. The course at Muskoka Bay Club was ranked Canada's Best New Course in 2007 by Golf Digest and named Best Conditional Course in 2008. Being one of the best golf communities in the country, they offer beautiful homes and villas that are nestled within the beautiful terrain so you can even live where you play! With it's inclusiveness, flexible memberships, professional staff, first class treatment, unsurpassable amenities, personalized attention and being the best course in Canada, you can't go wrong to stay&play at Muskoka Bay. Check it out!



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Gives me a not-inconsiderable amount of pleasure to note that my home course was just voted the best golf resort in the world outside of the United States. The golf ops staff here are awesome and work their asses off and they're all going to get a big, fat bonus -- following which we're all going to have a big, fat party. c2_beer.gif


Categories are: Course Design & Access, Golf Staff & Services, Rooms, Service, Food/Dining, Location, Overall Design, and Activities/Facilities. 





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This is my course:


I play at Skyline Country Club in Lanesboro, Ma (where I live...western Massachusetts) and it is a very nice course. It is very woodsy especially the back 9 and isn't a slicers course because there are a lot of narrow fairways. I added this course to the courses about a week or so ago.

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 i like to play Crosswinds in Plymouth, MA when i can. very nicely maintained.


for a nice par3 for practice there is The Back Nine Club


Cheap golf ehhh area but great price is DW Fields in Brockton

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Just noticed you posted some Mass courses.  I just came across a site with some decent golf reviews in Mass and RI.  Seems like a new blog/site but has potential.  www.snaphookgolf.net Check it out.

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My course is the beautiful Temecula Creek Inn in Temecula, CA. 27 holes, some very challenging.  I take a weekly lesson at Redhawk, which is also in Temecula.

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I wish I had a home course, but I don't.


There are a few courses within a 5 mile radius, but I don't like going to the same course over and over again. It feels like I'm cheating when I know how to play each hole and every break on every green.

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Originally Posted by Mattplusness View Post

I wish I had a home course, but I don't.


There are a few courses within a 5 mile radius, but I don't like going to the same course over and over again. It feels like I'm cheating when I know how to play each hole and every break on every green.

Unless I was shooting under par, I would definitely not feel as if I were cheating lol.

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