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If my driver swing speed is 100 mph then my 6 iron should be....?

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I was hitting some 6 irons at Golfsmith to see what felt good, almost all showed 79-81 mph on the monitor.


The sales guy said that shouldn't be trusted.  The launch angle was 17 degrees and the spin was around 5500.


I'm just wondering what a normal speed would be for a 6 compared to a driver.






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The short answer in my opinion? Your good iron swing will be slower than your driver swing because accuracy is what you really want.


The long answer in my opinion? I assume that 100mph for your driver is resulting in the teed ball being in the short grass/fairway most of the time? I also assume that you are using only 80% of your "power" to achieve that swing speed? If I am assuming correctly then your iron swing should be done in a very similar way and end up being slightly slower due to the shorter club, difference in club weight, and need for precision on the smaller club face. You don't TRY to swing slower than 80% which would end up being slower than 100mph. For us amateurs it slows naturally when you find the proper swing to strike the ball on the sweet spot on the iron face consistently to put it on or close to the green.   

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I did a comprehensive fitting recently where my driver SS was generally around 100mph and my six iron generally around 80mph . So there doesn't look to be anything particularly screwy with the numbers you got.

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You might check out the GolfWorks MPF Shaft Ratings process. It uses what iron you hit from 150 yds. AND your driver swing speed as one part of the shaft selection formula.


Open this Golfwork's link. Then, click around on the upper right page so you can zoom in enough you can read what it says.



Comparing Driver SS vs. 6i SS gets complicated because of shaft differences: most have graphite shaft in driver and steel in 6i.

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If you're swinging identical swings with both clubs (i.e., you are rotating your arms through at the same rotational speed), then assuming a 37" 6I shaft and a 44" driver shaft, the speed for the 6I should be 100 mph times 37/44 = 84 mph.  Obviously the actual differences are more complex (different swing weights, swing planes, and the focus on accuracy mentioned above), I think a few mph below that is to be expected.

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It's called algebra my friend...



Average tour pro driver speed = 112

Average tour pro 6-iron speed = 92


92/112 = .82 = 82%


x/100 = .82


x = 100 * .82


x = 82


That's assuming that you try to back off or amp it up like a tour pro on driver vs. 6-iron.



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Thanks for the responses, sounds like it was about right.


I was hitting the Mizuno JPX-800's, those are nice irons!


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The only way to understand a balls potential speed is to try them youreself. I like a titleist ProV1 myself. There are other balls that go further, but when it comes to all-around performance there is nothing better. Granted, they are expensive. If you can't afford it, get a box of Srixxon Soft in the green box. They are nice around the greens. For distance there are a lot of options. I hit a Taylormade SLDR with a Taylormade Penta ball further then I have ever hit anything else. I usually hit a ProV1 with my Titleist D2 about 240-250 tops. I hit the Penta 295 with the SLDR maxed out for 12 degrees. I can probably hit it further the next time with the wind at my back. This was a right to left wind, and I have a fade. I was literally beside my self. The higher the degree on the face the further the ball goes. I had it set at neutral also. I truly cannot wait until the next T-ball with the new driver. I still love the ProV1 for an all around game ball.The Penta rolls too much for me. I like to stick it. I want to see how the Pro V goes next time. I know it will go atleast 275.  Beautiful!

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