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Ecco Street Premier

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I really like these shoes and they feel comfortable as hell.  I wouldn't lose too much sleep over dropping $140 on a pair of golf shoes when I'm replacing the soft spikes once or twice per year.  But with this shoe, you can't.  Once the hard rubber is gone, it's gone.


Anyone have experience playing these shoes?  Any idea how many rounds you really get out of them?


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I just bought a pair of them this weekend and with the weather in the midwest looks like I won't be able to try them out for several more weeks.  I do have a pair of Foot Joy spikeless shoes that are at least 10 years old and I still were them from time to time.  They show wear but not so much as to not still wear them, I'm hoping for the same kind of longevity from the ECCO.

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From my research on these shoes and various others, these are by far the most comfortable pair of shoes Ive ever worn.  In response to the first post, I spoke to a store clerk and learned something interesting.  apparently, you can call ecco's customer service and have the bottom rubber replaced. For how much I dont really recall.  Supposedly, you send the shoes to Ecco and they replace the bottom rubber.  I hope this help a little. 


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I didn't like that they don't come in a wide size. There in wierd sizing, and i have a wider foot, so i would have to go up a size and lace them tight, but they still slip on my feet. 

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A few days back, I talked to a friend of mine who is a pro.  Ironically, he has a couple pair of these and said they last very, VERY well.  So I pulled the trigger and bought some.  They may look a little goofy, but feel pretty damn good.


As for the "wide foot" issue, I've got flat feet and look for wide-soled or high arch shoes in size 11.  In this case, I bought what Ecco equates to 11-11.5 US and they seem fine.

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I thought they were a little tight at first, but after one round, they seemed to stretch out just right.  Now they feel perfect.  I'm planning on buying a second pair just because the first has worked out so well!

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Having played a couple rounds with them now, I can say they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever played in. 

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This type of shoe is really catching on. I saw where Ashworth is coming out with a whole line of shoes to compete with the Street Premier this summer. Some other company is coming out with a line also, but I can’t remember who it was.

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I have had them for a long time and love them.  i have been trying a new shoe from a new company.  great for wide feet.  they are just as comfortable as the eccos.  from a company called true links wear.  check out the site.

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