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Beverage Cart Service?

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Hi all,

I am new to the forum but not to Golf. I am a developer by day and a golfer by early twilight. I just finished up an app for my local course that allows a golfer to summon the beverage cart (where ever it is on the course) to my current location using my smart phone, even as you play on. The only requirement for the beverage cart is that they too have a smart phone.

I am trying to see if this app that I created for this course may be applicable to many more courses. The feedback on the course I play on is that the cart was never around when they wanted it so this was a simple solution. 

My question for you guys is what kind of beverage service options do you have on your local course and do you see this as a viable service?  You may have seen this thread on another forum, asking it in several places to get the feedback I needed :)


Please don't kill me if this is posted in the wrong forum... 



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Sorry, wemps. Folks on this forum do not think about beverages nor girls during a round of golf so your app is pointless. 

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Haha, damn :[

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I like the idea, but I don't see how this could really work too well on most courses.  There is usually only one "road" through the golf course from beginning to end that the girls can follow so she can't get to the next group without passing the last group.  If I buzz her, does she ignore everybody she passes who's frantically waving at her until I get my soda?  That seems like it would be less effecient because she would be driving around all haphazardly.


If I ran a golf course, I would tell the cart girl or girls to just do backwards loops and always skip holes 1,2,9,10,11 and 18 as best as they can.  That seems easy enough.

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It's more about supporting and bettering the service levels by allowing for golfers to receive that service on demand. This on demand service provides a much stronger perception of service than just driving around the course and getting lucky. It could basically be a cheap service that allows normal courses to bring their service level on par with those with refreshment stations built at tee boxes.    


I've seen very few courses that are absolutely linear where no shortcuts exist to different parts of the course. Those linear courses may not be a potential user of the service as your point is very valid.


The course that is using the app has implemented policy that ensures the current service isn't effected. This means not blowing off golfers if you are heading to a request, stop and serve anyone that waves you down.


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Beverage cart? I am the beverage Mule, and I carry as much water as possible... usually I have 4 bottles of water in the bag when I start... I need to start freezing a couple before I go so they stay cold... BTW I always walk and carry on my home course.

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I think you need to create an app that a) screens out beer cart girls who are under an 8/10; b) gives a properly-screened beer cart girl an electric shock if she tries to wear any upper-body garment other than a tank top, even when the weather is 60 degrees and rainy.  Heck, especially if it is 60 degrees and rainy. 


I guess I'm feeling a bit loopy on a Friday afternoon.  Scored a rare 55% discount on golfnow.com for this weekend on a really gorgeous course I've wanted to play for a decade but never felt like paying the $$ they charge.  I'm psyched.

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I think this would most advantageous when the course isn't very busy and they aren't running the cart regularly. I've been out several times this year when I didn't see a beverage cart the entire round.

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As previously stated, if enough people had this app I could see the cart girl going willy nilly all over the course trying to serve each of these requests as they came in.  Not efficient.

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Why not just call the cart girl? course gives her a phone, course gives you the number? I'm sure your app is cool, but i don't see it taking off. 

then again, i didn't think apple was a "buy" at 60, so what do i know.

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As long as the term "beverage" is replaced with "drink", I'm OK with the idea.a1_smile.gif

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I would say if the app had restaurant menu items on it that the Cart person did not generally carry but could be made to deliver when they next passed that hole or maybe be able to order that pina coloda with the parasol at the crucial 12th hole.

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Lets be real fellas. Your beverage to the average 16,17 year old girl isn't a high priority, especially when a gatorade is 3.50.

Their not getting tipped at those prices. And beer is even more ridiculous. 

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Oh boy the drunks on the course can get the cart there more often. Really how often do you need to see the cart in an 18 hole round? If you need the cart more than a couple of times in a round then maybe you should be sitting at the bar watching golf on the big screen rather than trying to play it.

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Well the time the crew has to be fast and quick is on a golf outing; beverages are free, and most of the golfers don't golf and/or just want a good time.

Thats when then girls make money! Free beer! Especially if it's a firefighter or similar industry outing! Firemen tip well!!! Lol

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How about an app that requests the cart girls flash various naughty parts upon golfer request?

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More excuses to pull out your cellphone? No thank you.


Not a bad idea by the way. If maybe the carts themselves had their own device where you could order a drink/snack and have it delivered to you at a certain hole. 

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I'm sorry but I just don't see this as working well. It would simply be too hard for the cart girl to go around to every group who wanted the service right then. If done correctly the girl should see the group every 3-4 holes. Now maybe an app to put in an order for food to be ready at the turn but of course you can always just have people call into the restaurant. 

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