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Putting Technique

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So just a little while ago I was describing my putting woes on these forums, but I think I finally have a very good tip that I got from the book "The Impact Zone" which dramatically improved my putting yesterday (I only took 13 putts for 9 holes, very good for me). Basically, Bobby Clampett describes holding the putter a little bit tighter with your middle, ring, and pinky fingers on the left hand to help maintain a more stable left wrist.

So far for me as I said it has been working wonders, anyone else tried this and like it?
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Re: Putting Technique

Is there a copy of this piece online anywhere? My putting's brutal and I'm willing to try anything at the moment...
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Re: Putting Technique

I actually find I putt better when I grip the club real loose. When I grip it tight I hit it way too hard or way too soft, and loose my feel.

I like the overlap grip with a real loose right hand...helps me a lot.
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Re: Putting Technique

I find that a LITTLE bit of pressure in my left hand helps to firm up my left wrist to give me consistent distance and direction.
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Re: Putting Technique

I know some golfers are really opposed to left hand low putting, but if you practice like that for a while, then switch back to your traditional putting stroke you will have a much smoother stroke.
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Originally Posted by fairwaysngreens View Post

I know some golfers are really opposed to left hand low putting, but if you practice like that for a while, then switch back to your traditional putting stroke you will have a much smoother stroke.

Now that's something I never heard of, worth giving a try. I'm not one to start new threads if there is something already covering the subject I would rather just add to something versus clogging up the website with repetitive threads. I was wondering if some of you wouldn't mind sharing some of your personal putting habits to see if there may be something out there that others have never heard of. I personally don't do anything too out of the ordinary with my putting style I use a TM daddylong legs that so far I have been happy with since I feel the vast majority of errors lay solely on me versus any equipment malfunctions or defects.  I do use the alignment marks on the ball sometimes if I feel my pace is on and I just need to concentrate on line more but more often on longer putts of 25' or more, but if I'm missing putts long or short I'll set the ball with nothing showing the way so that I concentrate on pace more, I don't know what a lot of people do but I pull the club back with my right hand at least that's the feel I want because I seem to draw it back more squarely that way than if I try to make everything work together it just makes me feel that I'm trying too hard not to let one side or the other take over rather if I just start with a specific feel it seems much easier. Forward stroke is a reaction to the momentum of the backstroke I want it to be in time with the pace of the backstroke or at least make myself feel that so the backstroke sets the strength of the forward stroke, once again I feel the right hand doing the stroke while everything else is along for the ride . I don't know exactly why but I usually determine the pace by figuring out where I want the balls momentum from the stroke to die off and when the ball is basically rolling under it's own momentum versus the initial strike, basically it's when the slope of the green takes over. On shorter putts especially the straight ones I like to imagine 2 lines from the edges of the cup to the edges of my putter and basically just hit the ball down the lane I created. Anyways there's more I could say but I'll stop here for now, just wondering if anyone else does anything similar to what I do or think I got things all messed up.

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Originally Posted by boogielicious View Post

Dave Stockton describes putting as a left hand controlled shot.  This is how I approach it.  My left hand and wrist have a bit firmer grip than the right and control the stroke.  This keeps the stroke smooth for me and gives me good distance control.


Check out his book if you can.


 Unconscious Putting: Dave Stockton's Guide to Unlocking Your Signature Stroke 


Also check out Stan Utley's


 The Art Of Putting 

Very interested in the Stockton book.

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I grip tighter occasionally and it helps, but I don't do it all the time. One thing that works for me on shortish putts is a hesitation at the peak of the back stroke. When I take away, sometimes I wobble on the back stroke. When I see this I'll literally stop the club at the back stroke for a split second and then flow through the ball. Seems to be a much straighter forward stroke when I do that. Only shorter putts though. Long putts are all about feel and that requires a fluid movement. Clearly YMMV.

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I have been doing the following and I usually one or two putt consistently; My stance is about hip width and I stabilize my lower body with a squat like stance. My grip is neutral and I lock my wrists, my fore finger tips are on the shaft. I bend down low enough so I use a regular size putter like a belly putter. My line of sight is directly over the ball and hole target line. Every morning I do putting drills. I do 50 or so putts without a ball using various strokes. I put 2 tees in the grass just far enough to barely let my putter through where the imaginary ball is. I then sink 10 putts on a putting board I made to set at compound angles. I also have an 8 foot felt type putting green but putting flat just got too easy. I can aim and estimate speed but I am still a work in progress when it comes to reading greens. I used to skateboard and surf so I look at the undulations in the green and visualize a path that I would surf or skate to the hole, I really don't aim at anything in particular just send the ball along that path. The shorter putts where I can see the hole out of my peripheral vision I try to use a stroke that the putter follows the ball to the hole. I fix my eyes on the ball when I putt after having visualized its path. I concentrate on a smooth pendulum like action where I am relying on gravity and minimizing all unnecessary body movement. I try to rotate only my upper torso. 

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Great info in this thread... For someone trying to break 100 one or two putts are vital. I look forward to trying these out.
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never really thought about it, went to the greens and found that I like pressure on my left middle knuckle when Im rolling the ball and want to purposely release the putter, and feel pressure point on my right forefinger knuckle joint when I want a no release hold feeling.

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