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New Winter Season?

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    We are all familiar with the "FedEx Cup" schedule followed by the Fall schedule, which normally ends first part of November.. Then in the US we have the off season until early January.. I wanted to ask, because I think it would be good for golf and viewers if ya'll would be interested in a new "Winter" season that has no effects on stats or positioning.. The Winter schedule would be a series of 6 events using multiple team formats.. Have the off season host events of 2 man scrambles, best balls, alternating shots or Stableford points system to name a few.. I can't speak for everyone, but I would LOVE to see an event that has professional 2 man scrambles.. I don't know if you would want it to be random draw, or preset teams. However I do think it would be in the best interest to new viewers and the golf industry that GOLF is shown to be more then individual stroke play..


     My family, and some new friends are perfect examples.. My wife and daughter really started liking golf more when they were exposed to non-stroke play.. They found that scrambles and other golf games were more exciting to watch and play.. New friends of mine feel the same way.. Wouldn't it be good marketing for the PGA and media to expose viewers to new options in golf? 

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I'm glad for the break, to be honest. I wouldn't watch. I watch Tiger's event and that's about it.

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Same here.  I dont want golf to be like NASCAR where theres only a 6-week off-season.  Honestly, with all the other sports that I watch, if its not a major, I dont watch anyways.

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It doesn't sound like something I'd watch.  For one thing, if there's no stats or points on the line, the top players won't show up.  I also have never really been able to get into team format golf - even during the Ryder Cup - I watch most of it but I'm really just waiting for Sunday. 


I like exhibition matches, though - like the recent one with Tiger vs Rory.  I wish they could be a little more competitive and they definitely need to be edited - but I'd like to see a few of those in the off-season. 


In the Tiger/Rory match - I think I read that Tiger got 2million and Rory 1million - even though Rory won.  Maybe they could play winner take all instead of both players getting a lot of money just for showing up.   

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Plus they would be fighting for viewership with the NFL.  That would make it tough.

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i pretty much only watch Eldrick.

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I used to only watch Tiger, but have evolved and now can enjoy most pga events and some European tournament.  However I don't think I'd watch during the off-season.  I like to get away from watching and start practicing my game a little more.

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Euro Tour doesn't stop, Nedbank this week, not official, then the 2013 season starts on 6 Dec 2012 down in SA.


I have to say, I like a bit of South African golf to brighten up the day when London is cold and miserable during the winter.


Made up formats don't do it for me. I don't particularly like the limited field events either - they end up in 1 man run a ways too often.

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