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Tour Edge Exotics

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Does anybody have any experience with this brand? i wish i had a way to try these out, it seems like nobody around me carries this brand...I'm interested in their drivers.
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Sand Trap gets this question about once a year.


Tour Edge is a small, independent golf club and equipment manufacturer that got its start back in the 1980s. TE maintains its own research and development activity. Check the TE website to see if they are coming to a demo day in your area: http://www.touredge.com/


The Exotics line, especially the fairway woods, has a cult following among golfers in the Midwest. The Exotics fairway woods retail for about $300 new.TE runs its own pre-owned program like Callaway does. Golfsmith carries the TE line.


Here are two threads on Tour Edge from previous years:




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I would highly recommend their fairway woods. I have played their 3 wood for going on 4 years now. I absolutely love it. Obviously, this is just my opinion. But it would be worth a shot for you. You can pick up one of the older models for pretty cheap now. Check out the Exotics XCG 3.


I have never hit one of their drivers, but I have heard very mixed reviews.

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Hmmm...I've heard almost nothing but great things about the fairway woods, and not much on the drivers...how can the woods be so great and the drivers not?
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Yea it is strange. As I said, I have never hit one of their drivers. So, I can not give an accurate review either way. I have heard some people say good things and some say bad. I do love their fairway woods though.


A buddy of mine explained it to me this way (I believe this is purely speculation on his part and he would have no inside knowledge, so keep that in mind): They use a way of mixing materials that is not that common, called brazing. That is why their 3 woods retail for $300. If they used the same process for drivers, it be upwards of $600-700. And there just isn't a market for a driver with that kind of price tag.


Like I said, pure speculation on his part. If you ever get one of their drivers, I would love to hear what you think.

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Originally Posted by colin007 View Post

Hmmm...I've heard almost nothing but great things about the fairway woods, and not much on the drivers...how can the woods be so great and the drivers not?

DaggerSA has a TE Driver and the fairway woods. He is down to a 22 handicap, taking lessons, and is always practicing. He just sent the driver back to TE ( because it is under warranty) for a SECOND time because he caved in the face. I saw the damage myself. It took only 2 months for the driver face to be caved in after his first driver was replaced by TE. He is hitting the sweet spot just above the center. TE has great customer service and replaced the first one with no questions asked.


The TE fairway woods are great. He's let me try them and they are somehow easier to hit than my own (TM VSteel) and they have great distance and control.

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i have an old thread on the trap about my looking for a new wood. ive always loved small companies with very exuberant followings. its the reason i bought wilson staff forged irons. and the reason i currently play a tour edge exotics cb2 15* 3 wood and have been for a few years. great off the tee and also recently started hitting it incredibly well off the deck. sometimes a downfall to the CB range was off the deck being quite demanding.


today i read the august 2013 golf digest and the "in the bag" article was on a wilson staffer Kevin Streelman. he plays  a really nice bag. ping g20 to a scotty GoLo and even a 60* 588 cleveland wedge. rest being wilson stuff


he also has a Tour Edge Exotics CB4 13* degree 3 wood. that a strong 3 wood even for the designs low flight purposes. "a couple years old, but i cant get rid of it. its just been a great club for me"

i think thats a great statement to tour edge exotics fans as well as the company themselves. they dont pay anyone to play their clubs (last i heard)....  i have a feeling the only way id get rid of my cb2 3 wood is with a cb4. they have clubs that people cant get over.. how it feels, plays, and performs.

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I thought Snedeker played Tour Edge? I hit a few at the range by my old house, the fairways are the real deal but I didn't care for the driver, although only because the shaft didn't match where my swing was at the time.

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I purchased the XCG6 Driver, 10.5 degree back in May and am really happy with it.  I'm pretty particular about my equipment and had been playing the TM Burner TP 2.0.   Was fitted for the prior driver and, for the sake of a few extra yards, ditched the lousy TM stock stiff shafts for a Mitsubishi.  Went to the fitter this time around (old driver in hand for comparison purposes) fully expecting walking out with the R1 or the Ping G25.  Long story short, I hit all the usual suspects and tried all sorts of shaft variations, and the #s weren't all that compelling (i.e., I wasn't gaining much from my old driver).   Then the guy through the XCG6 in my hand saying he'd gotten really great feedback from those people who were willing to give it a try.  Was a little suspect at first, but looked good from the top and really liked the weighting with the stock Matrix HD6.1 shaft.   Sure enough, hit a few and saw improved numbers.   Was really surprised.  Almost thought the guy was tampering with the machine.   Then did a bit of adjusting with the wrench and the numbers improved even more.   Had the fitter trim an inch off the end of the shaft, #s stayed the same and whereas I expected to drop around $500+ on one of the big name drivers, I walked out only @$300 lighter in the wallet.   


Have been playing all summer with it and it's not disappointed me (although had to get rid of the hideous headcover).  

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