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Hitting a Draw

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I am having some trouble trying to develop a controlled draw. I have gone to the range many times and have learned how to hit a controlled fade but not a draw. I need to learn how to hit a draw because there isn't to many dog legs right in the area I live in. If you guys can give me any advice on drills that I could do at the range that would be gladly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Check out the Instruction section and you will find plenty of information about hitting a draw.

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Without knowing a thing about your swing:


Draws are hit with a clubface pointing RIGHT of the target (you're a righty), and a path that's FARTHER to the right.


The connection between your left arm and your chest? Keep it. Increase it throughout the backswing (it will move across your chest slightly, but keep your left upper arm, just below your armpit, connected to your chest).


Takes the hands in deeper, takes the clubhead in deeper, and makes it much more difficult to swing to the left.

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