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How do you keep your bag from fraying when riding in the trunk?

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I keep my bag in the trunk 99% of the time.  It "rolls" back and forth of course while driving and frayed out my last bag in a few weeks!  It was a MaxFli Revolution stand bag ($85). I returned it as defective and bought an OGIO Recoil (much higher end bag).


What can I do to prevent this? I'm hoping this bag will hold up better.  I carry my full set, a practice mat, rubber tees, practice balls (plastic and foam), Callaway shagger/dispenser and about 100 balls/tees at all times.


Thanks for your suggestions in advance.

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Short of setting it up so it doesn't move around so much in your trunk or not keeping it in your trunk, I'm not sure.

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I keep my bag in the trunk and I've never had that problem. It's pretty snug though.
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I don't ride in the trunk.

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I've had the same bag for four years, now I dont leave it in the trunk, but it has made many trips back and forth in there and I have no fraying issues. I drive a mustang and the clubs barely fit in, so there is very little movement (if any)

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Have you tried putting some plastic sheeting down against the carpet?  Pick up some plastic sheeting (drop cloth for painting) at the hardware store and put it down first.  Also make sure you don't lean things that can move against the bag.

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That's what I though.  I drive an IS 350 and there is very little movement back there.  I guess I'll just pad it up with some egg crate mattress topper material and cross my fingers LOL.


Thanks for not calling this a stupid question.  I was going to get a hard travel case but it wouldn't fit in the trunk.

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I've never had trunk issues.............as in the trunk being too big!!  LOL.........Hmmmm.....OK, my cars since 2002.  Since then, my golf bag has lived in the trunk of a Pontiac grand prixGXP, Chevy ImpalaSS, and Dodge ChallengerRT....all had big trunks and bags flopping around was never an issue. 



Son....maybe you need to stop driving like Luke Duke!!!!!!  I honestly have no clue where you are even coming from................seriously.  Of all my trunks, my Chevy Impala trunk was freakin' huge, and the bag flopping around was never an issue. 

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Hi Jason ... we have an SUV, so we're always cognizant of showing the sets of clubs in the back on vacation trips or when making long stops to and fro before heading home.  We keep a large comforter type blanket laid in the back cab (even though we have a plastic bed liner) -- the bags get set onto it and the edge folds over to cover the tops of 2 sets of clubs.  We've got one big enough to cover top to bottom too, so the edges work well to stuff between the irons to keep them from clanking for long road trips.  I'd worry about plastic because if you kept the bag in the trunk after a rain outing or even in high humity, it could compromise the bag itself where it can't breath.  Your towels and gloves would probably get compromised a bit too, keeping everything wrapped up in plastic.  The fabric of the comforter/blanket is loose enough to let everything breathe and heavy enough to protect the bag and other equipment.  And when you are putting in the equipment & umbrella, etc. after a raining outing, the comforter/blanket helps absorb some of the moisture to protect the vehicle too. 

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Have you tried the back seat? That way you can watch them ride....lol....no seriously, I have found cart bags don't do this no where near as much as stand bags do.
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There is an item called the Club Rack.  I've been debating on getting it myself. The link is http://www.craichaelgolf.com/theclubrack_us.html

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This rack is a great idea.  Only problem might be the rubbing action on the edge of the bag where it rests on the plastic frame.  The weight of the bag with clubs in it would probably damage it over time, especially if it's got leather trim around the top as many do.  But, some towel or other cushioning over the frame should take care of that.

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This new bag has given me no issues.  I don't put it in the back seat because it leaves marks on the leather (khaki in color) and it's too visible for thieves.

I no longer consider this an issue. Thanks for the input all.

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The fraying on the piping seems to be an issue with this Maxfli bag...I have one as well. I changed to a Callaway Cart bag that was a gift and it doesn't fray in the trunk. 

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Glad the OP got it fixed. If your bag is small enough, you may be able to get a dive tank holder for your car. These are foam or plastic blocks that sit in your boot/trunk, and have round channels formed in them for your dive tanks. Chuck your bag in there, held in place in the boot by the weight of the bag, sweet as.


Alternatively I use elastic ties around things I don't want to roll around, hooked onto the child seat restraints or shopping bag hooks in your trunk. Just a couple of thoughts for anyone else with this issue.

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