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Whats the easiest way to lower ball flight with long irons and fairway woods?

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Im trying to lower my ball flight with long irons as well as my 3 wood. Ive been playing in the wind a lot this year and was wondering if there is a way to change my ball flight to keep them low and out of the wind. Basically Im hoping there is something I can change in setup to get the results I want. Any help would be great thanks.

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Try moving the ball back in your stance more. And also try flatening your swing out just a little.


I have the exact opposite problem, I hit my driver, fairway, and long irons too low. And this year I've been steepening my swing.

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Ok Ill try that. Is it something that will be hard to do playing ping G15's? 

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Hit like me! LoL


But seriously, most people have a problem getting their longer clubs higher...


If the wind is a factor, I usually just hit 3/4 or knockdown shots. Play the ball slightly back in your stance, choke down the club an inch, and lean more towards your front foot. Make a 3/4 backswing and swing through to a 3/4 finish.


Oh, and hit a longer club. Obviously, with your 3 wood, you are just going to hit it lower and for less distance.


Even game improvement clubs can be hit low (plenty of guys out there that do it).

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I do it and I play G15s, follow instructions above.

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So if I hit a 4 iron like this how much shorter does it go than normal? And how is this setup different than the stinger shot tiger hits?
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It doesn't have to be shorter. Depending on the condition of the course, you'll get some run out of it.


Just go to the range and find out.

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I always get a nice and low ball flight when I skull it.

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Originally Posted by Ernest Jones View Post

I always get a nice and low ball flight when I skull it.

Yup, and I follow that up by saying to my playing partners, "Well, I kept the wind out of play."

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Don't overswing, don't flip or use a lot of wrist action, and don't bring the club past parallel. Make sure to get the weight and hands forward as well, and consider using a different ball that performs better in the wind. You'll still give up distance with these adjustments, but hopefully get some release and better control. In the end, the wind is always tough and can't be conquered by just hitting it low. Consider anything over 200 yards of carry to be a nearly impossible shot unless you are very long. And consider any kind of curve in your shot to be a negative because it'll be magnified, sometimes unpredictably, in the wind. You want relatively low overall spin, and as close to a neutral spin axis as you can get.


Anything under 5mph I don't really adjust unless there's already some risk, 10mph or so I can generally take 10 yards off the distance, so I can still force the same club I'd normally hit if I hit it harder. I find that about a 20mph wind acts as an invisible wall 20-30 yards short of one's normal yardage with a given club. Hitting harder will essentially make the ball fall to the same spot from a higher apex. It would be a beautiful, majestic shot that hangs up there forever and lands like a butterfly with sore feet 30 yards short of the target. I'd rather run my 3w through the green than land my 3i way short, because I would never hit a 3i my normal distance through that much wind no matter how hard I ripped it. 


Anything over 30mph of wind, and it's complete shenanigans. I'm too skinny to play in anything much higher without nailing my feet to the turf, and I'd generally not even attempt to play normal shots. Par 3 courses are very fun in heavy wind though, since most of them suck in calm conditions.


Usually the long clubs aren't the biggest problem in the wind, especially off the deck. The wedges are where most players have trouble, as you need to stop them without much height or spin because either one makes them get knocked around more. That can mean you set yourself up with some angles that let you hit a controlled 3/4 shot with some release because controlling your distances is very tricky. 

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If you are looking for a permanent solution then try some new shafts with higher kick-points. This will lower your ball flight quite a bit depending on what you have now.


If you are looking for a new shot to add to your bag then you have to stay over the ball longer and keep the hands in front and really get that weight forward. I am not a golf pro so consider that just friendly range advice. I have a shot I call the wind cheater and this is what I do. Drive my weight forward and make sure I square up the face. Basically just trying to get the club head to travel parallel to the ground for just a split second longer slightly de-lofted.  It was trial and error and that's where I have landed. Works really well except when I spin out and duck hook it.


Also great for my 4 iron when escaping trouble. Keep the hands in front of the ball at impact.


My 2 cents

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