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Scored Personal Best Today

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Today marks a huge day in my golf history.  As a 20+ handicapper I have always looked at being a bogey golfer trying to be a consistent under 100 player.  Today in my work league I shot my personal 9 hole best of 41.  This is 6 strokes better than anything I have scored before. 


I had 4 pars (with 3 in a row), 4 bogeys, which came after making a great chips / pitches and a two putt, and 1 double coming on the last hole with my only 3 putt of the day. 


As a high handicapper this is a highlight of my golf history to date.  I did not make a huge amount of super awesome shots but I played within myself, trusted my short game (which was spot on today) and iron play, and did not make one bad game management decision.  This allowed me to get past 2 holes on this course which my previous average was a 8 on each (I bogeyed each of them today).


Just wanted to brag a little, thanks for reading.

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Nice, keep it up. Don't let it be a fluke.
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That's a great feeling. I can't imagine that ever gets old, even as you become better.


I know what you mean about playing within your abilities. It seems like the best scores I've had came without any real spectacular shots. Just consistently making the ones I feel like I should be able to make.



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Went out yesterday and shot my personal best on the 9 hole track I have a pass for. 42 on a par 36, plays about 3,800 yards, no double bogies and all with one ball. Considering all the water and OB's and some putts I should have made, it was by far my best round. Played fast but methodically and just wrote down the stats on my card never adding it up or thinking about anything except the next shot.

Im feeling good going into my next round.
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Congratulations! Keep at it!

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Let that become your new standard for a good round of golf! Congrats!

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My personal best of all time was 39 on a par 35 9. That was years ago when I played several times a week. Something had clicked that day that I was never able to duplicate.... I hope you guys keep on doing what you did because it's an awesome feeling when you have a break through like that.

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I had a personal best a few weeks ago...  I love this game.


2 days later I played the same course and shot one of my worst scores in quite a while... I hate this game.


3 Days after that, back to my typical score... I guess this game is OK.


I hope your next couple of rounds go better than mine did.

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