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Callaway HEX chrome

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What are you guys thoughts on these.. I have a swing speed of mid 90s
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Hi, welcome to the site. For me Callaway balls tend to be more spinny than the Bridgestone and Titleist balls I use. Haven't tried the Chrome ones very much though.


Here's a user review



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Have used the Hex Chrome Black - they last forever. Don't fly for me as much as the Bridgestone, but if you are playing on greens still a bit 'Spring slow' then they have a nice combination of spin and roll out - your ball won't check as much as a Pro V1. Plus I'm a fan of yellow balls, wish Titleist made Pro V1's in yellow.

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Not my regular ball but I've tried them quite a bit and, given I've never been a big Callaway ball fan in the past, I rated them very highly. Good value, as long as any other 'Tour'-level ball, great spin into the greens and the feel, for me at least, was very good - soft on the chips and putts. Nice, bright white as well which didn't appear to colour to any degree. Good cover resilience when hit with a full wedge.

Overall, I didn't find anything in there not to recommend and would maybe be a good fit for your swing speed. Only thing I would say is you're likely to get more side-spin, in addition to back-spin, compared to a non-urethane coated ball. What do you normally play?

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I have a few dozen Hex Black Tour left so I'll finish them but I also bought a few sleeves of the Callaway SR2 which is designed for swing speeds between 90mph and 105mph.   Due to the weather I haven't had a chance to play them yet.

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These are my favorite balls to play. My swing speed is a little lower down in the mid to high 80's on average and while I wouldn't say they are the longest balls I've played, they definitely made up for it in feel around the greens and when putting if you want that soft feel... I was previously playing the Bridgestone E6 and they were longer but I had problems with them sticking to the greens I was playing and bouncing or rolling off . Those same shots would be on the green with the chrome's.

I'm definitely not anywhere close to a good player but even I was able to notice a significant difference in my game on approach shots and putting with them
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I've been playing the Hex Chrome since shortly after it came out. I have tried several other balls, the Pro V1, NXT tour, several Bridgestones (including he B330RXS that I was "fitted" to by a Bridgestone rep at a golf expo), the Hex Chrome +, the Hex Black and a few others. The Chrome is hands down my favorite ball. It was noticeably longer than the others off the tee and on the short shots, it gives me all the performance my skill level will allow. Your swing speed is right in the wheel house for this ball.
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I play the Hex Chrome, Wilson Staff XG Tour X, Nike 20XI-X (2013) and Srixon Z Star (2011) and, for me, they all feel very similar and I play them all well. The Srixon feels just a bit softer off the driver, and the Nike gives me a bit more spin around the greens if I was able to notice. ;)

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