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To sell or keep clubs?

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I play golf once a year, occasionally twice.

I used to play a bit more when I first got into it, perhaps once every month, got my handicap down to around 10 and was shooting mid 80's regularly. However, recent times, other things have taken up the time in the weekends and the friends I used to play golf with now live in other cities and towns, I hit around a 25-30 handicap now.

I played my annual round last weekend and I did not enjoy the round at all. The whole process of getting to the course, setting up, putting aside all of Sunday (the course was very slow with lots of people playing and trevel time to get there also) just did nothing for me at all. I did not enjoy myself and felt like the day was a chore rather than enjoyment.

I have my original set of golf clubs that I've owned for around 8-9 years and I'm thinking about selling them and giving up golf. I've made a short list of pros and cons of selling the clubs below but want some outside perspective as I've been thinking about it all week and can't seem to make a black and white decision.

Pros of keeping:
- Can play with friends if they are in town.
- Uncle and I may return to playing our annual game on 26th December Boxing Day (hasn't happened the past two years, I have no incentive to keep this happening either)
- Have clubs if for any reason a work function is a round of golf (highly unlikely)
- Have them to go to the range if I ever feel like it
- May take up golf more seriously in the future (quite unlikely but never know)

Cons of keeping:
- Taking up valuable space in small apartment we have (I hate having excess stuff taking up space and clutter)
- May need replacing in the next few years anyway. Gear such as bag, glove, tees, etc are looking old and need replacing
- Can get money by selling them
- Playing a round at a local course costs money $55 each round or so, money I'd get much more enjoyment spent elsewhere
- Not getting any enjoyment out of golf.

The only reason for me to keep them is if one of my friends were to come to town and we could socialise and play a round of golf, perhaps once every two years. I figure we could always socialise doing something else or I could borrow clubs off someone if I really needed to.

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If they are paid for, then I'd keep them. If you ever need them, 8-9 year old clubs are not that old to use. But if you sell them, you won't get that much for them.

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Originally Posted by oldmotor View Post

But if you sell them, you won't get that much for them.

Exactly what I was thinking. It's not even worth the effort to sell them, IMO.

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Might well keep them -- you won't get anything for them.


And unless you devote effort to the game, the game will not reward you. And the weekends? Unless you like it slow and painful, do not play in season on the weekends unless it's very early or very late in the day, or very hot and no one is playing.

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Op, going by your pro/con list it looks like you'd benefit more from trying to sell your clubs and freeing up space in your apartment. You'd eliminate clutter and possibly get a few $$ for your set up.


You've said that you no longer enjoy the game, that it's a hassle, that you don't have interest in playing with your uncle on Boxing day, and don't forsee a work related function that will require you to play.


It sounds to me like your cons outweigh your pros. I'd say sell the set up and if you are interested in playing in the future, you could pick up a newer set.


Just going by what you said... and any money you get for clubs is more than you have right now since they're already paid for.

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I'd say if you only have the one set keep them. If you ever decide to play again it's a hassle to borrow or rent some and if you get back into playing more regularly you can worry about upgrading if necessary. If you never plan to golf again, sure you can get rid of them, but I don't think you'd get much for them.

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Price your current clubs on the PGA value guide site:


To see if they have any documented value.


Then check your local craigslist.org site to see what else is listed and what sort of values people are asking.


It might be better to just donate them to a thrift shop or one of the kid's development programs that some cities have, that way at least you get a tax donation receipt.  Then later on if you do decide to play again you can just pick up a used set for relatively cheap while deciding if you want to get fully back into the game.


For me, I'd keep at least one set of clubs "just in case" a reason to play pops up, at least if I were in your shoes.


Not knowing what clubs you have or what bag or other gear you have, nor knowing where you are located, I can't really give any other input. Ultimately though, your life, your situation, your decision, do what works best for you.

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My inclination would be to keep them. One golf bag doesn't really take up that much space, and you anticipate playing occasionally. 8-9 year old clubs are not that much out of date, and at the same time, run of the mill 8-9 year old clubs won't bring you much money unless you have some special items.


I peruse the vintage ads a good bit, so if you want to list what you have, I will take a stab at guessing what it might bring.

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 They maybe taking up space but they are costing you nothing sitting there. I started playing back in the 60s with my Dad's old Mcgregers until I went into the Military. Never gave golf a thought until 2006 when I was invited to play in a company charity benefit. Well the old wood heads went flying all over the golf course. The price of Taylor Made r7s and Burner woods really put a dent in the wallet. The point is you spend the few dollars you get for the clubs and will probably have nothing to show for it. Go to the range whack some balls.

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I dragged mine around for quite a few years...maybe 20 and finally got back into the sport and used them for a year and decided to get serious and buy new ones. It would probably make it tough to get back into it again, the value of your clubs are probably low so I would keep them but if you have no room, ditch em.


Cheap tee times can be had online in most areas. I don't know about where you live.

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I would personally recommend keeping the clubs. If you decide to upgrade to new clubs eventually, you'll at least want to have something to use in the interim while you locate and get fitted for the set that works for you. It would also be nice to have the option to get away from life for a while and go play that long Sunday round, or hit the range when you feel like it. I think you limit yourself more by saying the hell with it and selling the clubs. Plus, you'll never, ever, get anywhere near what you paid. Say you make $100-150 by selling them. Is this situation-altering money that you can really use to pay a bill, or get caught up on something? If so, that may be a factor to look at it. However, if you're just going to have a $100 bill in your wallet from doing so and you spend it on odds and ends (DVDs, books, CDs, food, whatever..) it may be worth keeping them so that you have the option to play this game when you choose.

I'd rather keep a small piece of "clutter" and have options available, rather than vacate all flexibility and give up the game for good. 

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I played MacGregor MT irons (1972 model) from 1974-1994. The 1972 model was competitive, pro line quality. A few years later, I picked up matching MT 1, 3, 4 woods.


In 1994, I got custom fit for some component clubs, the irons which I played until 2008. The guy who fit me said he could give me $50 for lot of MTs, or I could find a period golf bag and keep it as a historic memento set. I did that, and I'm glad I did.

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