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Callaway XJ 9-12 Girls Clubs

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My kiddo (My Swing (NatalieB)) has been using a fairly small set of clubs from Maxfli so far. The set is comprised of a 34" steel-headed driver, a hybrid, a 7-iron, 9-iron, and sand wedge. It came with a putter, too, but we ditched that recently in favor of an Edel putter that she can aim pretty well. :)


Her next set of clubs, as she's just about to grow out of the Maxflis, is this beautiful Callaway set: http://www.callawaygolf.com/junior-clubs/juniors-x-9-12-girl-2012.html




These clubs are significantly bigger (she's 11, and these are for 9-12 year old girls, but her bone age is about that of an 8-year-old so she's quite small). The driver, a titanium, larger-headed version, is 16° and six inches longer - a full 40" driver. The set also comes with a fairway wood (24°), a 5 hybrid (30°), and a 7-iron, 9-iron, and sand wedge. The putter is nice (a blade, so she can likely aim it better than the Maxfli mallet), but her Edel will be just fine.


The bag is a reasonable quality, particularly when you consider that the entire set cost $249.


She's already begun using the longer driver (because her drives with her other driver topped out at about 80 yards carry, while she routinely gets 110+ with the longer one, and distance matters).


The set is great because, unlike her Maxfli set (which, to be fair, is likely geared towards 5-8 year olds and doesn't have to be top notch), she finally gets a titanium driver and some quality clubheads. The Maxflis, while fine, don't seem to be particularly high quality. Then again, I think they might have been $199… :)


Here are some photos.








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Awesome looking clubs!

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Supercool! Looks like a well thought out set that will last into her teens! I imagine she loves them!
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Excellent!  I look forward to @NatalieB 's review of the set @iacas;-)

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Nice! Has she tried them out yet?


How did you decide on these clubs?

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Originally Posted by Zeph View Post

Nice! Has she tried them out yet?


She's using the driver this year because the added length is so beneficial. The irons don't fit her yet, so perhaps over the winter she'll transition into them. Her current clubs fit her okay, but are just starting to get to the point where you can see that they'll be too short soon. :)


Originally Posted by Zeph View Post

How did you decide on these clubs?


Honestly, most kids clubs seem to be pretty junky. I'm not sure you can even find a set of kid's clubs that are worth $1000 if you HAD $1000 to spend. You'd still just get heavy adult clubheads and put them on light, shorter shafts, and that's no good. It's understandable - there aren't a lot of parents looking to spend $1k on a set for their 8-year-old kid. :)


So these seemed like the best of the bunch. They're from a reputable company. Not that Wilson, Maxfli, even Tour Edge are not, just that they don't necessarily have the same budget as Callaway to make these at a lower profit.


PING has some sets that were in the running. Cobra too. But these looked nice, and Callaway does a great job with their equipment, so we went this route.


I'm hoping that her NEXT set after these - probably after middle school - are a full set of $1500 clubs or something. Maybe they'll be Callaways too! :D

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I can see it not being a very large market, yeah. My bag currently got 8 Callaway irons in it. After not being a fan for a long time, trying out various clubs during fitting made me think otherwise.


Hope she'll be happy with them.

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