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Range design for the future

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It annoys me when you go to a range and you can't take face on video. It's one thing if the range is full and you can't place your camera because the stall in front of you is occupied. That's fine. It's when ranges build dividers that block an important part of the swing, impact, some build stalls that block nearly everything. It's twenty freaking seventeen, and video is available to the masses, hell, you could even say most people have high speed video available now. In H forking D. No, in 4 f**king K. Maybe even 8K.

The wherewithal to use video is another thing, but imho, if you're building a range, you should consider alternative setups that allow customers to take face on video. Privacy at a public range is for nought, anyone who is curious enough can just stand behind you and gawk (get out of my view you nosey body). The grill dividers are ok, you can kind of see through them, I dunno, why have divders at all? You don't see them at a grass range. Dividerless, maybe people will be less inclined to do something stupid, like anything they come up with drunk or happy Gilmores. 

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I'd have to think the percentage of people who record video at all is small so I doubt designers care enough to cater to that demographic. You're better off just finding a range that suits you and sticking with it.

I have seen ranges which are basically just big gazebos with concrete floors and mats with no dividers, too, so it's not like they only use mats with dividers.

Where are you talking about, specifically? I haven't seen a new range around me unless you count TopGolf and all the other ones were built before the prevalence of high speed camera phones and golf swing self analysis.

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Chelsea Piers, stalls are totally blocked off, two major ranges - Alley Pond and one in New Hyde Park in the Queens/LI area, as well. These three are very high traffic ranges. The one in NJ, off the Palisades, south of the town of Piedmont. Also high traffic.

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My favorite (regularly played) course has a range like this.  Plenty of mats to hit from, two stories, renovated in the last five years... and large wooden dividers.   Back when I lived near that course, if I wanted swing video, I had to go to a different course to get the video.  Annoying! 

Another course, near where my parents used to live, has small chain-link-fence looking dividers that don't go that high (see a few of the early videos in "my swing" thread).  Annoying but I could still film there.

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