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What To Do Here?



As I just posted in “What’d You Shoot Today?”, my brother played his first full eighteen in a while. Well, I say full eighteen, but he didn’t exactly play the entire round. He quit on a few holes and didn’t play the last hole. He dropped at my ball when he lost a ball. As I’ve mentioned several times, he wants to be on the team. Keep those details in mind.

The reason why I mention this: he was texting with our grandpa after the round (our grandpa loves to hear about our rounds), and when he was asked what he shot, he said a number that caught me off guard a bit. That number was 103. 103!!! In reality, the way he was hitting the ball, he probably wouldn’t have been within ten shots of that. When I asked him why he said that, his answer was almost laughable. He said, “103 is a good score for me.” He’s been known to fudge his score like this before.

So, my question is, what do I do here? If this continues, and he actually does it in a match, what appears next to his name on the scoreboard will not be a number. It’ll be a DQ.


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What do you do?  Nothing other than be appreciative of having spent an enjoyable day with your brother.  :-)

If it were an actual match, he would have withdrawn due to injury.  Nothing at all unusual.


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I would just let it be. If he hurt his leg and it was just a casual round, then I do not see the issue really. Does he turn his scores in for handicap purposes? I play with guys that do this all of the time. It doesn't bother me. My thoughts are that they are out enjoying playing. Not all of my friends are sticklers for rules; they just like being out there on the course. In the case of him doing this in a match as part of the team, sometimes you just have to allow people to make their own decisions and learn their own lessons. I agree with @David in FL

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It’s time for you to introduce him to the rules and etiquette of golf before this becomes a habit. The sooner the better. Sure, no big deal if he is only planning to be a casual golfer,  but if his intention is to eventually make it on the team, he needs to be honest about his scores and start practicing telling the truth now. 

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31 minutes ago, FlyingAce said:

It’s time for you to introduce him to the rules and etiquette of golf before this becomes a habit. The sooner the better. Sure, no big deal if he is only planning to be a casual golfer,  but if his intention is to eventually make it on the team, he needs to be honest about his scores and start practicing telling the truth now. 

Exactly what I was thinking. He may hate me for it for a while, but if he’s gonna be on the team, he needs to start playing by the rules. 

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He's your brother? Punch him in the nuts, tell him to stop cheating, and then schedule your next round together.

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Tell him the same thing we'd tell teammates after practice when they shaved their scores down when they played a shitty round.

103? 103? that sounds about right if you stopped counting on the 15th hole

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Very easy fix.  You place a $2 bet at the beginning of the round.  You state that if you don't finish a hole you are carding a 10 for that hole. No exceptions.  If he hands in a score that is unreasonable after a hole, you stop and ask him about it.  Simple. "Wait, a six? You hit one in the woods on your Tee shot right? and then you took 3 additional strokes to get on the green, and as I recall you triple putted.  That's a nine, right?".

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