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Spotify.me Is at It Again


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It's based on your listening statistics, so it can't really be wrong, but it did say on mine that it was based on the last 400 tracks since October 10, which is not a particularly big sample size.


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    • After you wash them, especially if it's a cord grip you can run some coarse grit sandpaper over it. But you're really just buying yourself a bit of time, it doesn't last long. 
    • Mine was fitted at 45".
    • I agree and voted for narrowing but I think that, in addition to the conclusion above, it may also be caused by the reasons I state below. A randomly bumpy green (and trust me - I played on very bumpy greens a lot earlier this year) affects the good putter more, in my opinion, than the bad putter because it negates being good but doesn't really affect a bad putter. The good putter loses the ability and confidence to hit a straight putt while a bad putter figures it probably won't go in anyway but still attempts to make the best putt he can. Also, judging speed becomes an issue for a good putter. All that up and down motion of the ball is going to slow down the putt so the good putter would be more apt to leave it short or hit it too hard to compensate. A bad putter is just as apt to hit it too hard anyway negating some of the speed loss affecting the good putter. Also, in my opinion, with a randomly bumpy green (particularly if the bumps change location between putts as they do when the first putt is missed) - putting basically becomes a game of Pachinko.
    • 44.5" to 45".
    • Day 632 - September 20, 2021 Played nine holes with a 4I, 6I, 8I, and three wedges. Skipped around, hit a bunch of practice shots around the greens… etc.
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