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Handy Speed Stick

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I’m thinking of buying this training tool. Saw a European Pro use it and it seems similar to the Superspeed system but it has three weights incorporated in one stick, so it uses up less room and it’s much cheaper in Europe than Super Speed. Any thoughs? How would one get a practice plan to use such a tool properly?

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These are fairly simple to make if you have the tools. I used parts and pieces I already had on hand.

The bolt has a hole drilled through it to fit the Opti-fit adapter. A thin slice of a nut was taken and ground down to the proper weight. I set it up for 3 club weights.

Shaft + Grip + Bolt/epoxied washer ~ 255g
Shaft + Grip + Bolt/epoxied washer + nut ~ 285g
shaft + Grip + Bolt/epoxied washer + 3 epoxied washers + nut ~ 335g

Works great.


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    • I read the thread title incorrectly. ”Why would I want to start annoying my golf partners?” Gerund vs. present participle or something. I must be having a bad day, ‘cause I clicked anyway. 
    • Been golfing so bad lately I almost did not check but this week was able to mark off #5 & #7 with Pars (Doing Par Challenge)
    • Yeah, I use the Watch all the time for shot detection and shot location. I’m not sure why they put out the notification now—it’s been out for a couple months IIRC.  I’m using AW series 5, and it works fine even though they say it’s optimized for series 6 and SE.  From the FB user Arccos group, it sounds like the folks who have most problems are using series 3 or maybe 4.  Some folks are saying the battery doesn’t last. The app tells me it will last 5 hours, and I finish a round with about 35% left. Couple of things to consider here: 1. Battery health of the watch. Mine is at 93%, so as it drops lower, I expect it won’t last as long. 2. What other things are you having the Watch do? I turned off the Arccos to Health setting, because that will use more battery. If it’s doing other things as well, that will also use up the battery more quickly. 3. I put my iPhone in Low Power Mode when arriving at the course.  Among other things, this turns off background updates; I think this might also apply to the Watch function. 4. Some folks have said to put it in Airplane mode or theater mode. I haven’t tried that, but haven’t needed to. One improvement in the Watch app is that it now lets you record hole location on the green. Usually pretty close, but I almost always check my first putt and the hole locations on my iPhone as I head to the next tee. 
    • Day 34 (30 Jul 21) - Played 18 today.  Worked on clubbing up on the approaches with a 3/4 swing.  It has helped with getting the ball onto / near the green.  Had some great shots into the greens and even when not on the green, being confident to bump and run with an 8i or pitch with the 54wedge.    
    • Back to the "regular" course today - rough greens and all.  Shot 94 (45 /49).   Played the back nine first with the first three holes (all par 4's) being double bogies.   I knew this was going to be an interesting day for sure.  Good thing - no triples today.  Too many doubles though with a total of six and only one par.  These greens are tough to play as they are either real sparse on good grass or the grass is like putting on cut pile (you have to really stroke through the ball to get the roll).  It calls for one to pin hunt to keep the putter distances as short as possible.  
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