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Playing From the Wrong Tees?

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I read most of the thread and agree with iacas, few people play from the wrong tees. Particularly on this forum. If I had to identify two groups of people who play from tees that are too distant, it's senior men with too much pride to move up and women. For the latter, that has far too much to do with the standard "red" tees than them not wanting to play forward. The option simply isn't available. Iacas also pointed out the longleaf tee system earlier, and I've become an advocate to all my golfing friends for this system. With my mother, who is 5 foot, 110 lbs, with back problems and 76 years old, I design the course for her when I play. I even go past the longleafs shortest distance. And I put her on the sides of the fairway (say 145 yards on average on a Par 4, where she has to play strategically). This forces her to think as longer hitters would, but allows her to get to every Par 4 in 2, and every Par 5 in 3 (or less--I build in two reachable Par 5s for her). And it keeps her from getting fatigued on the back nine as she would have before. 

The last couple golf trips I've organized, I ask players in advance if they're okay with X general yardage (usually around 6000-6200 yards). A couple longer hitters have elected the tee back. So I make custom scorecards for those events, including moving players up and back depending on the hole. It's more fun to have a variety of clubs into holes, and a couple of reachable Par 5s, than merely being beholden to a scorecard. 

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I read most of the thread and agree with iacas, few people play from the wrong tees. Particularly on this forum. If I had to identify two groups of people who play from tees that are too distant, it's

Can you share which sentences you think were dismissive and condescending? I just reread the entire topic and I don't see them.  They disagreed with the original post, but they didn't call anyone

There are certainly some people that might take exception to the word "ridiculous". The rest of it was pretty good in my opinion. People around here, including the administrator, can be a bit agg

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    • Day 60 - Slow swings making sure I fully turned my hips. 
    • Note from practice 2021-03-05: Working on palmar flexion as priority piece. Slow rehearsals of transition move and Covid-19 day-4 drill all seem to look fine, with clubface aligned to my spine at A6 (slightly toe down). When I move to full speed, and look at swings on film with Mirrorvision, the face is vertical. This leads to a flip/shove to close the face at impact, or I can hold off the flip (if I think about it hard enough before the swing), and leave the face a bit open and hit what I assume would be a push/cut. I had a mini-realization watching the videos and doing some rehearsals. When I rehearse the palmar flexion move, my forearms arms don't have nearly as much tension as when I am making a full speed swing, and my wrists move freely. I did some rehearsals simulating the tension in my forearms that I feel with full speed swing and tried to palmar flex my wrist and I could barely do it. I did some more rehearsals/Covid-19 day-4 drills, and then hit some balls with full swings with the conscious thought of less forearm tension, and suddenly I could feel the palmar flexion move. It was too dark to get any video, but I'm going to record tomorrow and see if the clubface looks any different at A6 compared to video from today.
    • Lmao, yep.  The range on this man is unbelievable.  
    • You go from this to "Down with the Sickness" and you got a huge gap. 
    • I played this for my elderly mother, and she loved it.  Wasn't quite as impressed with the rest of their lineup.  His voice is absolutely magical, probably the best cover I've heard.
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