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I'm a golfer caught with the crazy bug this year and played more rounds that I have in the past 8 years combined. It's been a fun journey. I'm working on new swing new grip so my game is fluctuating like crazy. I have a high HCP: 19.9. I have an ambitious goal of lowering this to the 10-12 range by end of next year. I'm documenting my journey through YouTube vlog and excited to share it with everyone. 

I also got coaching for the first time, but everything is a work in progress at the moment.. a lot of 3 putts.



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18 minutes ago, Golf With John said:

...but everything is a work in progress at the moment.. a lot of 3 putts.

I bet I can out 3-putt you any day of the week 🙃  Welcome to TST! Look forward to getting to know you. Also, if you haven't already, check out and create your own Member Swing thread on that page


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Welcome to TST! Yes and the group you have found was the best spot to land. So much knowledge here, its crazy!

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    • I'll pile onto this, I look at "the ball", not a specific part of the ball, and not at "not the ball".  
    • I’m stuck at 116. Good news I swung my driver like I would while playing and got 105 which is over 10 mph faster than before. 
    • Since the pandemic, the gym I use has either been closed or limited to 25% (now 10%) capacity.  In order to be able to workout, you have to call and make a reservation.  I did that up until November, when it became harder to reserve a workout time.   So I ended up buying a home gym set with weights, cage, and a bench.  Now I workout at home without any hassle of putting on a mask, making reservations, and wiping down the equipments. Anyone else end up buying a home gym set due to Covid?
    • I never understood why people do that, especially on a golf course where a large amount of fertilizer is often used.  Besides, that is just disgusting no matter where one does it.  
    • TLDR; Who here can actually say they did not yell something inappropriate when they got mad?  Granted JT should always presume he is on camera when playing in a tournament.  But let's be serious, I normally don't swear and don't like people who do just for the sake of swearing.  But when I get mad or upset, I will be the first one to say something inappropriate.   IMHO, it's just a human nature. I think JT said it without thinking.  Maybe that's what he says when he is upset.  When I am upset, I say "D@mn it!"  Just my choice of word when upset.   I wouldn't take anything from anyone who is upset.
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