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Aerification Schedules?


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57 minutes ago, Bucki1968 said:

have checked almost all the courses in the area and NO ONE aerates this much.

I agree and I know of another course in our area which punches multiple times also.
They have disgruntle members who indeed moved elsewhere.


1 hour ago, Bucki1968 said:

My real gripe is closing 9 holes for almost 4 months.

Many courses are unplayable through the winter in northern regions. 
I would guess their fees are equivalent to those in your area.
Many golfers seldom touch their clubs for 4-5 months, yet still pay through the winter months.

As I stated prior, the course still has 18 holes open for play.
If they didn't, then I would agree with your gripe. 

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1 hour ago, Bucki1968 said:

I have checked almost all the courses in the area and NO ONE aerates this much. Apparently this is how it's been done for years. We have gotten many new members since the pandemic and so the course is not in as good of shape as has been in the past (that's a whole new thread) because we have guys driving carts up next to the greens and all over the place. Maybe this will improve the greens but I didn't see it this year. My real gripe is closing 9 holes for almost 4 months. I'm not really getting what I am paying for. And with closing one of  the 9 hole courses for two weeks at a time, it only leaves 9 holes available in the afternoon to play (because of leagues) so all the members are confided to 9 holes with no option to turn to another 9 when you are done. It just seems like I'm losing (as far as what I'm spending). So, my only alternative is move somewhere else (and actually spend more) to have the course(s) available. I also don't understand having leagues at a private golf club two night a week (non-members) but I digress. 

I would talk to the GM (or alternate person in charge of overall operations) and express your concerns.  There really isn't a reason for 2 week close-down after aerating other than just not wanting golfers to play on greens that aren't in optimal condition.  Do they aerify the tees, fairways and rough over this 2 week window as well?  I could see this possibly adding 4 days to a week to the process if they use a walk behind aerator, as there would be a lot of acreage to cover - but most courses would let you play through aerating tees / fairways / rough. 

I could see a reason for 3x a year for a course that is open year round if it is part of a program to improve conditioning and green health.

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We always aerated the greens twice a year. The fairways were done sporadically and the rough, never. The conditions reflected it. We hired a new greenkeeper three years ago and he insisted that he be able to aerate more often and particularly the rough. We probably lose around a week more overall of play days but it is worth it. I have been playing at my club for over forty years and the last three years has been the best conditioning by far. And when I hit the ball in the rough, while it is exceptionally penal, I know there will be grass there instead of pot luck.

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On 5/3/2021 at 8:42 AM, Bucki1968 said:

 I feel like I'm paying full price for 66.6 % of the club. 



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