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To see what condition my condition was in. Many of you may not be old enough to remember that old Mickey Newbury tune; I am a geezer and barely old enough.

I have been absent for a minute. True confession; my network at work blocks sport sites to my desktop. I can access on my phone, but just don’t enjoy posting as much with the phone.

 I have been doing some home upgrades, and that and other parts of life have interfered with golf, but I still play every chance I get. My last listed handicap is 13; not sure I am playing to that, but did manage an 84 last time out.

 I have switched to the PING 410 Plus driver, and just started using the new ProV1. I played  the AVX from the time it became available in my area, and it improved my distance by at least a half club with my irons. The local Dicks was out, and I decided to try the new ProV1, and am getting the same distance with it from my irons, and the combination of driver and ball are a little longer.

 I wish everyone the best this season, and hope to visit a little more often.

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    • I'm a truck driver and every now and then, I stop by a hospital or reference lab and repair a blood bank analyzer.  Well, at least that's how it feels. 😉  I'm actually a field service engineer for a blood bank analyzer company, but I spend as much time driving to accounts as in them.  My 3 1/2 year old pickup has 118k miles on it already. (We drive our own vehicles and get a stipend to make up for it.) I hope to be retired and a full-time golf bum in the not-to-distant future!
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