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Can't Hit Off of Mats at Golf Store


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I decided to go out and get a new driver.  I stopped at the golf store and they lined up 5 different drivers for me.  I couldn't even hit the ball.  I kept swinging with my normal swing and the club head went right under the soft rubber tee.  I was out last Thursday and didn't have this issue and I was at the range Sunday and again didn't have the issue.  I was so embarrassed I left the store.  I currently have a Calloway Hyper X with a 9 loft and a stiff shaft, but want to get something with a bit more loft.  I'm going back to the store after work today just to check again to make sure I'm not crazy.  

I need a golf therapist.

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I honestly hate the rubber tees on those golf mats because they never match my preferred tee height.  There seems to be a default height that is much higher than I tee the ball up for my driver, I haven't used one of these in a while but I do remember a time swinging completely under the ball with those rubber tees.

That would be my first question - were you comfortable with the ball height at the store?  I think there are different tees they can insert on those mats that could lower the ball...I would assume a good golf store would be able to accommodate.  


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I can't hit a driver indoors, or really in any place where the thought of a mishit and ricochet creeps into my head. Where I take lessons (indoor facility) they have nice artificial surface that you can stick a tee in and get it at your preferred height, but I still barely manage to hit the ball and have sent balls pinballing all over the place. Anytime my teacher says "let's try that with driver", I request one of the Almost Golf Balls, and this helps, although I don't think these are useful in a fitting.


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Hitting indoors takes some getting used to, especially with a driver.  On top of that, the problem I find at a lot at golf shops is I can’t get their tees to the appropriate height (I tee up pretty high with the driver).  So it’s tee’d up lower in the shop and takes forever to get used to.  Even then, I seem to hit a fade when it’s tee’d lower, which is not my typical ball flight.

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I'm sure Matt appreciates that you can't hit off him. 😉

No, but more seriously… it's a game of hand-eye coordination. Even if the tee is a little different height than you're used to hitting off of, you should be able to hit the ball with the clubface.

Sometimes the answer to "I just keep popping the ball up" is "then swing the driver higher up in the air."

P.S. Topic renamed.

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Just now, iacas said:

I'm sure Matt appreciates that you can't hit off him. 😉

Yep, appreciate it.


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