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I have recently returned to golf after a 30 year absence.  I am starting up again as both of my sons are in their early 20s and have taken up the sport.  I wasn't very good when I did play but enjoyed the time with my friends. We even took a few golf vacations. I am on some other non-golf forums and I have found that most members are willing to give you the benefit of their experience. So, I will begin by  researching the new equipment available now and if I can't find it in a search,  I may ask your advice.   Thank you in advance.

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Welcome to TST @streetglider!  We're glad you've joined.  You'll find many helpful videos including the 30-day challenge and other instructional videos.   Check out the member's swing thread.   You'll find the forum warm welcoming and fact-based.    You are encouraged to read, respond, watch, listen and learn.    


Again, Welcome

From the land of perpetual cloudiness.   I'm Denny

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Greetings from Florida. 

:ping: G410 Driver/Fairway  :wilsonstaff: D9's 3-SW :scotty_cameron: Newport Special Select 2

:snell: MTB Prime X, :adidas: Tour360 22

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Another greeting from Florida! Welcome to TST!

:ping: G25 Driver Stiff :ping: G20 3W, 5W :ping: S55 4-W (aerotech steel fiber 110g shafts) :ping: Tour Wedges 50*, 54*, 58* :nike: Method Putter Floating clubs: :edel: 54* trapper wedge

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Welcome from a native Ohioan living in That State Up North.

Edited by StuM

Stuart M.

I am a "SCRATCH GOLFER".  I hit ball, Ball hits Tree, I scratch my head. 😜

Driver: Ping G410 Plus 10.5* +1* / 3 Hybrid: Cleveland HIBORE XLS / 4,5 & 6 Hybrids: Mizuno JP FLI-HI / Irons/Wedges 7-8-9-P-G: Mizuno JPX800 HD / Sand Wedge: Mizuno JPX 800 / Lob Wedge: Cleveland CBX 60* / Putter: Odyssey White Hot OG 7S / Balls: Srixon Soft / Beer: Labatt Blue (or anything nice & cold) 

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Hi! I'm just starting to play golf, but I'm already hooked on the game. I'm glad to join and I hope I can learn a lot from other players )I really hope..

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    • I guess small positives, and maybe the PGAT adapts some for like th JD Classic or something, but doing that via LIV is throwing away the baby with the bathwater.   Shotgun - It's fine for a limited courses where finishing on 18th wouldn't matter. Imagine bunch of players at TPC Sawgrass finishing at, well, not the 18th, and holes leading up to it.   Big-time tournaments - Maybe you mean big-time players. I appreciate the idea of a world wide tour and need for outreach to more remote places but unless the handful of elite players play year around and all over the map, that's always going to be a challenge.  Holistically, it's hard to shake off this feeling that LIV golf is simply glorified silly season type golf. If it becomes the main circus, then I would count myself out as a serious fan/viewer. No other sport has felt the need to this kind of makeover and they have their own similar laments.  
    • Unless a fairway is 80 yards wide, my left misses are in the left rough and my misses are in the right rough. My straight shots wind up in the fairway. But yes, I'm aiming at the middle of the fairway unless there is asymmetric trouble, in which case I might aim well off center. 18 at Sawgrass, I might even be aiming that in the right rough (depending on my game on the day). I have played that hole once and on the day in question I was not missing anything left of my aimpoint, so I could aim at the left edge of the fairway and know that I wouldn't go left of that. That's not exactly my normal though. 
    • I saw this and I immediately answered new courses. I keep track of everywhere that I play and I'm always trying to add to it. I'm around 330 different courses played now. Should get another one later this month. So I put down play somewhere new. I still think that's the right answer, but it really depends. If I travel to England for golf, I'm always playing courses I've played before. I don't think I've played a new to me course in England in probably 15 years.  But, I'm not sure that I've played a new course anywhere for quite a while without at least having an idea of what I was getting myself into. I don't get to play all that much, so, within reason, I'd probably choose to play somewhere new even if I don't know vs playing somewhere I've played before. But that's all within reason too. Given the option of playing Pine Valley, which I have played before, and playing a municipal in south Jersey that I haven't played, then PV is getting the nod every day and twice on Sundays. So if it's a choice between a top 10 that I've played before or a not top 1000 I haven't then I'll take the one I've played. If it's two courses that are both top 100 I'll take the new one. 
    • Back from holiday and to work on my game.  I'm quite good in measuring distance inside 15 feet because I take my time before every putt to count the paces. After doing it several times you already know how much paces to the cup you have (always inside 15 feet). Outside that I guestimate the nearest yards multiple by 5. (15 feet / 20 feet / 25 feet) etc. I agree with this, or at least I came to the same conclusion. I think I still have some room from improvement in my long game, but in the 175-250 range I'm leaving myself to many up and down attempts that are hard to convert when my short putting is off. Also I struggle a little bit on long pitch shots while been above average on n-GIR shots.   
    • Just because you don't like the answers doesn't mean that there isn't one that clearly fits better than the other as the answer. The poll is asking you which of those two answers fits the passage the best, not whether you agree with the answers or not.
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